Self Portrait Challenge - Introduce Yourself #2


The Self Portrait Challenge for May is Introduce Yourself.

One of the suggested questions for this is: why are you doing self portraits? After I read that I went hrmph. Then I stared into space. Why am I doing this? After a long while I decided that its because I think its fun, and I'm all for fun! :)

* Sadly, the image accompanying this post has disappeared over the years.


Bombo said…
you seem tall...
Jamie said…
I love this pic! And yay for fun!
Sacred Suzie said…
Yes Shannon, you are all about fun. I love that pic! Soooooo you!!!!
hi Shannon,
I'm liking these self portraits, I'm a friend of your sister Suzie, we live down the street from one another and our husbands are in the same french course. I've ehard alot about both you and jamie and it's nice to be able to place a face to the stories.
Anonymous said…
All about fun? Must be a yellow (you know - the color code book?). Your picture captures it.

lisrobbe said…
everything about your self portrait says fun!

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