#87 - Do something before I feel ready

I've never had a green thumb. After various attempts to have plants, none sucessful, I eventually just decided to only every get cut flowers as they are pretty while they last and you *except* them to die. But... I do like them which is why I put #38 Keep a plant alive from ‘The Auction’ from one year to the next on my list of 101 things. Considering the auction isn't until November I thought I had tons of time to relax on the keeping plants alive front .. until... a coworker who is in a few days a week asked me to care for her plants where she isn't here. Oh my, I was like - pick someone else!! Not me!! I'll kill them!! But after saying this she still insisted I could do it. After a few weeks I missed them on the days when they were not on my desk. A few days after that, there was some secret repotting going on, I ended up with my own little violet. Wish me luck in keeping it alive!


Jamie said…
I think it's so cool that we posted about plants on the same day! I love the pic of your little violet. And now that's helping you take 2 things off your list - yay!

You can do it, Shannon!
Sacred Suzie said…
Shannon, this is so great! I know how much you are hesitant about doing this. I often think of your comment when you were taking care of me last fall, "Nobody said anything about me taking care of plants!" It still makes me smile.

I totally agree with Jamie, you can do it! And if you can't, well, you tried. That's huge!

Funny, today I am going to take pictures of the latest developments in my garden for my next blog entry. We have plants on the brain!
Shannon said…
OMG Suzie I totally forgot about that and is so true I didn't know you wanted me to take care of your plants and I was SO FREAKED OUT. They are fine right???
Sacred Suzie said…
Yes Shannon, LOL, they're fine. Not to worry! I was just so amazed by your reaction, it was so strong. As I said before, this is a huge step for you.

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