#82 - Try 5 new foods

Little did I know how much help I would have with this one!! I mentioned it to my Mom and she magically contributed a bunch of these - and keeps suggesting more! It must be a Mom thing :)

The first two are fruits that I tried on Bunny Day (you may know it as ... Easter)

1. Mangosteens: I actually don't remember what these tasted like but I liked them!!!

2. Asian Pear: Nice & light, quite fresh tasting

3. Fried Rice with Olive Leaf This was an absolutely amazing selection from Simon's Wok. I highly recommend it! Ok the pic isn't of the actual rice - I forgot to take one of it.

4. Pannen Kocken! Oh, my, goodness. These are a delightful Dutch treat. Somewhere in the land between pancakes & crepes lies the worderfulness of Pannen Kocken. Jamie & Justin brought this back from Holland and I feel ever so lucky to have been able to savoured them. AND you have them with things like maple syrup, Nutella, or even apple strop!

5. Shrimp & Pork Dumplings I never ever ever! Would have tried dumplings! They look not cooked and just boiled or something... so I guess they are a really great thing to have on this list, and I really liked them!! That being said I did fried them after boiling them and had soy sauce with them and they were very yummy goodness.

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Sacred Suzie said…
You are so making me hungry Shannon! I love the sound of those dumplings, I've never had them either but know I would love them. I gotta find an online recipe and try that Dutch treat, sounds unbelievably good. Good for you for trying those new fruit, I've never even HEARD of the first one you mentioned!
Shannon said…
The firs one is one thanks to Mom - she found it in Kensington or Chinatown. When you open it up is kinda looks like if garlic was fruit and had no skin. Was quite mild but yummy, I think...
Jamie said…
What great foods you have tried! Man, I should have put this on my list too since I've been lucky enough to explore a lot with you! Makin pannen koken was so fun!

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