#37 - Have a red bedroom


YAY!!! This one is complete, and I had much help along the way - thank you's go out to Danette, Jamie & Justin for helping me with this one. Almost the entire gallon of paint was used for the marvelous creation, and its a freakin tiny room!! Mind you I think my painting & priming leave a bit to be desired, hehe. I love the curtain, adding some sparkle and its a good thing I had it as there is no door!

Here is a start to finish looks... it's like my own little design show!

Beginning with a small and dark room .....

Some patching was required... who knew I was handy?

And some priming...

ADD RED .. and a plant!

Its red.. really really red!!! One of the movers actually said "This is the redest room I have ever seen" WOOHOO! Exactly what I wanted :)

* Sadly, the images accompanying this post has disappeared over the years.


Jamie said…
Yay to your own design show! What a transformation! From a dark and moody room to a sparkly red beauty!
Sacred Suzie said…
FREAK'IN AWESOME SHANNON! I love it! It's so you, just gorgeous. Wow. I love the curtain too, can never have too much sparklies in life. I love seeing how the room developed. Thank you for sharing that with us!
Sacred Suzie said…
You know, I keep thinking of Square Pegs..."Like red, and really red, and really really red..."

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