101 in 1001 Update #12!!

Well here we are in the shiny new apartment - YAY! And the essetials are now up and running:


All is good :) I have managed to get one of my 101 tasks done this week: #37 -Have a red bedroom and very much look forward to getting to some other ones on my list now that I will have all my stuff outthat such as: #41 - Own only things that are beautiful or useful, or both, #25 - Have everything I consider in 'the basic's' wardrobe, both of those will take some time but its great to start the process!! Also in the process of unpacking my movies I found that I actually have 12 of the films on my #3 - List of 101 Films I Can't Believe I Haven't Seen! No excuses now!! hehehe

OK that is enough for now - back to unpacking!

#22 - Save a part of every paycheque - done!

#94 - Read every day - done! Currently reading "Children of the Mind" by Orson Scott Card, its the 4th in the "Ender's Game" series, and I don't believe I have read it before although I read the first three as well as Ender's Shadow. I started it on the day I moved as I need a way to relax and calm the mind and um, my cable wasn't installed yet.

#92 - Learn/Discover something new every
Sunday May 21/06 - old school thermometer is reliable
Monday May 22/06 - painting is much nicer with help!
Tuesday May 23/06 - I have more than 'about 30 boxes' - see pic below
Wednesday May 24/06 - Professional movers are *so* worth it
Thursday May 25/06 - mak taking is.. not fun, also - toad in the hole, yummy!
Friday May 26/06 - If you think you should take the day off, take it as if you go in anyway you will sure waste a bunch of time
Saturday May 27/06 - Walking to my new grocery store takes about 20min. They have some interesting stuff there!! I love when you can choose between 4 different brands of chick peas!

Click here for my 101 list

* Sadly, the images accompanying this post has disappeared over the years.


Jamie said…
Congratulations on getting so much done! I love all the pictures. I particularly enjoyed reading about your learnings this week. I still have to try a toad-in-the-hole. Hey, does that count as one of your new foods?
Sacred Suzie said…
I just heard about a toad in the hole from Martha Stewart. It's like a Yorkshire pudding with sausages in it, right? Or maybe that's something entirely different. LOL.

Love the pics too Shannon. So cool to see your new place. Love you on the screensaver, really awesome.

So glad you got movers, it's like an entirely different experience isn't it?
Shannon said…
hehe, now I'm not sure what a 'real' toad-in-the-hole is but what I had is like fried egg inside a piece of toast with a whole in the middle - you make it all in the frying pan (I don't have a toaster, lol - which is ok I love my toaster oven but it was still packed on day 1).

I actually already *have* tried 5 foods!!! - I just noticed it last night when looking at my pics, so you shall see that post soon :)
Shannon said…
Oh - the last pic on this post is the toad-in-the-hole, or at least what I'm calling that.
Sacred Suzie said…
Oh! That's what that's called! Funny, the British do it with pudding and sausages, LOL.

Way to go on trying new foods Shannon!

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