10 beans

I got tagged from Jamie on this and here is my list!

Spilling 10 Beans about me

1. I know I haven't known someone very long if they say "You're so quiet"
2. I can spot a counterfeit bill in seconds
3. I have an opinion on everything
4. I like to share, as long as I feel I have enough to share
5. I don't play the lottery.
6. No matter how old I get I will always like Chef Boyardi Mini Ravioli
7. I am a creature of habit who does not like change
8. I love Star Trek (Movies, classic, TNG, DS9 and Voyager, but not Enterprise)
9. I hate being good at things I don't like to do.
10. I have had many nicknames including: Little Demon, Punk, Doll, Shannie, Smiley & Boo


Sacred Suzie said…
I think #1 is my favourite but they're all so good it's hard to tell. These are all so "you" Shannon, Boo, Little Demon...

I really enjoyed those, thanks!

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