Un Chien Andalou - part of #3 - 101 films

Director: Luis Bunuel
Writer(s): Luis Bunuel, Salvador Dali
Cast: Simone Mareuil, Pierre Batcheff
France, 1929

Seen: April 12, 2006

Reason to see: I've wanted to see this ever since I've known that Dali was involved in creating a film. He is one of my favorite artists.

I have to say, that the infamous eye scene in this film - even though I was well aware of it, actually made me gag. I had a physical reaction to watching it, and it was rather unpleasent.
Other than that, very interesting film. I love surrealism. I love that it doesn't make sense. You can logic you out if you wish but the intent is not to make sense. Many of the images in this film I have seen in more contemporary works be it Twilight Zone: The Movie or a Radiohead video or even my own dreams. It was also kinda cool to see a silent movie, with very few subtitles, which make it very accessible in terms of not having a language barrier. Still feels very innovative, 75 years after it was made.

Shannon's Overall View:
I enjoyed most of it
Would I watch it again, but not the opening scene.
Would I recommend it, with caution


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