Self Portrait Tuesday - April Fool #1


Okies, April's Self Portrait Tuesday topic is April Fool. Foolish pics? I have a zillion of them, especially of me laughing. Oh my. Yes there is more than one. Laughing til the tears start and the cuffs of my hooded sweatshirt are wiping them and possibly black eye make up away. Unfortunately a lot of the pics had unsuspecting bystanders in them so alas, I went with this classic pic from Halloween from a few years back. That explains the bat. At least I hope it was Halloween.

* Sadly, the image accompanying this post has disappeared over the years.


Sacred Suzie said…
Oh yes, it was Halloween Shannon! One of my favourite ones ever when I came to visit, we had so much fun.

I love that pic of you! Such a fun-loving spirit you have, thank you for sharing it. You really brought a smile to my morning in more ways than one.

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