#86 - Be able to spell the following correctly without looking them up: eligible, sufficient, inconsistent, necessary, decision


Some of these words (an others) have been post-it noted to my computer screen wherever I may be working at the time. The funny thing is, until now I never thought to work on learning how to actually spell them. Not only that, for the first few days I was working on this I was spelling inconsistent wrong!! I used to spell necessary so oddly that spellcheck wouldn't even offer it in its little pop up of selections. Decision was the easiest one to remember once I figured out its like decide, but longer. Oh my the finds you find when you start looking at things with a purpose, its quite amazing.


Jamie said…
Congratulations! Way to go for making the decision to sufficiently spell these necesarry words. Now that your spelling is not inconsistent you are eligible to move onto the next task.

Sacred Suzie said…
LOL! That's funny Jamie...good one!

This is so great Shannon, it's such a great attention to detail, to know the words you have trouble with and dedicate yourself to fixing them. Mine are: accommodation, exercise and decadent which I still want to end in "ant".

When I am unsure I also just open Google and they offer suggestions that usually work.
Juliet said…
Fuchsia. Benefited. Those are 2 of my words. I proofread for a living and look those up every time.

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