#50 - go to the Bata Shoe Museum

On Thursday I was kickin around town killing some time in between two things when I stopped to sit and write at the corner of Bloor & Huron. It was actually nice enough just to sit outside which is a nice change. Anyhow after being there for a bit I looked up and noticed the view of this: *

See that purple and green sign that says '10' with a shoe in it? That made me realize that The Bata Shoe Museum has been around for 10 years and I've never been there! Then I also realized it was Thurdsay, and on Thursdays its free between 5-8pm. I felt like a sign, so I went with it!!

Upon entering, I was greeted and asked some questions on how I knew about the museum and also informed that there was a Highland Dancing demonstration shortly. Cool! I proceeded to the third floor as recommended by the person at the door as that seems to be where their non permanent collections are. I was quite impressed with the variety of different shoes they had, as well and the interesting history behind them! I was floored by the innovative work of Beth Levine, who created such interesting time saver shoes like ones that would adhere to the bottom of your foot, or a shoe that had a stocking on it so you only need 1 item instead of 2. There was also the wonderfully crafted and whimsical work of Christian Louboutin, one shoe had a heel of a Guinness can. The third floor was definitely my favourite. How can you not like shoes like this? :

Some of the more surreal moments of my visit were:
- At one point I was in one of the smaller rooms and decided to take a picture of the shoes and wondered if anyone was looking and if this was ok. I really don't think anyone noticed or minded because all five of the other people in the room were doing the same thing! I wondered if anyone was actually LOOKING at the shoes, or just taking pictures.
- Eyes opened wide in disbelief looking at the staggering 22cm heels by Vivienne Westwood. - Seeing the actual shoes worn by famous people. It was cool but also kinda creepy, and holy moly Pierce Brosnan has some big feet.

* Sadly, the images accompanying this post has disappeared over the years.


Jamie said…
Lol, did Pierce Brosnan wear those Vivienne Westwood heels?

That's so cool that you got to go. And I can't believe there was Highland Dancing. I love the toes of the first shoes you show there! What a spontaneous treat!

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