#33 - Find a new apartment


This sign can now be taken down cuz the apartment is MINE MINE MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am *so* excited. I found out a few days ago and went by yesterday to finalize everything and got to have another look around. After looking for what felt like forever and seeing apartment't that ranged from down right depressing to absolutely amazing (but not being the first person to see or get it), I finally found one that is just for me. I love this apartment, its absolutely perfect, and here is a picture to demonsrate:

This is me going from the kitchen to the deck (did I mention there is a DECK!), see the height of the door and how perfectly I fit? I'm sure it didn't work for everyone that has lived there but works for me, sometimes its good to be 4'9"! It's exactly what I was looking for. Above ground, check! Small 1 bedroom as oppose to batchlor, check! In a house, check! In a cool neighbourhood, check! After having another look when consisted of grinning like a mad woman, running around an looking at everything again and pseudo measurements it was time to celebrate, so me and my sister Jamie went to Cafe Diplimatico to discuss paint colours, room themes, furniture placement and plans. I am shocked that I am even considering a French Country washroom.

Most people call this 'The Dip' but I like 'Cafe Dipo' better. Anyhow, its somewhere I love going, and haven't been to for many years. And although what we called the 'student special' of wings, fries and salad for some really cheapy price is no longer on the menu, I still very much enjoyed the wings & fries. That red sauce is *very* hot, just like I remembered.. well .. after my first bite I remembered. :)

* Sadly, the image accompanying this post has disappeared over the years.


Sacred Suzie said…
You look beautiful Shannon! Radiant and happy in your new home. This is so exciting, it sounds absolutely perfect for you. I'm so happy you are so happy. I can't believe you're consider French Country ANYTHING! LOL, it's always funny that we can be unpredictable even to ourselves. Awesome stuff! I hope I get to see more of it soon and can't wait to get a visit in soon too.
Jamie said…
Yay, yay, yay! I loved hearing how perfectly this apartment matches your checklist! It's absolutely just right - yippee! And besides, now we get to go to Cafe Dipo more often!

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