#15 - Analyze my spending and create a budget

I've always been a number cruncher. My first job ever was in retail and I've always been great with money. Other people's money that is. When dealing with my own it just seems to dissapear which is very confusing to me considering the 'being good with numbers' thing.

Reading the book "The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom" by Suze Orman has been extremely helpful in this. Its actually deals with you as a person and how and why and what you spend money on, not just like 'invest in things to make more money' which I found there was a lot of in personal finance books. I'm only 3 chapters/steps in but was thrilled with the last one as it directly related to this 101 task, woohoo! I have done this one, and will be keeping an eye on how it goes over time, with moving and all things will change so I'm gonna have to check in with it in a while to see how things are as time goes on.


Sacred Suzie said…
I hope you share the wisdom here Shannon, I would love to hear more about this. Do you watch Suze on CNN? I think that's what she's on.

Way to go Shannon, sounds like you're learning so much and that will help you out financially in a big way, I just know it.
Carmen said…
I have this book BUT I haven't opened yet :-(
Thanks for the inspiration!
I came here because I adore your two sisters and I wanted to "meet" you, too and adore you, LOL
I love movies too much, too.
I am enjoying your blog a lot so far. LOL

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