Sunday, April 30, 2006

101 in 1001 Weekly Update #8

Measurements, layouts & paint chips - oh my!

I woke up thinking about layout of my new place, and spent Friday night with Jamie going over possible colour schemes, themes, taking room measurements and fun stuff like that. I can't believe the place is mine, well, as of tomorrow. There is so much to paint, oh my. Oh my. 5 colours to pick up, plus redoing the trim for at least 2 rooms, and 3 of the rooms need to be primed due to dark colour, pre-existing oil paint or both. Oh my. time to find the painting clothes! I've currently been pretty focused on those kinds of things and I've been a little slackerville on posting, but I have gotten some things off my list and I plan to update them for the next update! Including a bunch of movies I've seen, nothing new out in the theatres but new to me. Fun stuff!

And now for our regular updates:

#22 - Save a part of every paycheque - done!

31 - Read 1 fashion magazine a month - done for April 06, read Marie Claire. Now, normally this isn't a mag I would pick in terms of fashion but it does have some good stuff. Usually when I think fashion mag, I am really talking about the biggie: Vogue. Its actually the only magazine that for me really stands out in terms of the articles, the forecasting, the in depth research and knowledge of fashion, clothes and the industry. There are other ones I like to look at the clothes (Elle, In Style), ones that are great to see what clothes look like (Lucky) and the of course the beautiful way expensive international mags that I could sit for hours in Chapters drooling over. I don't even know the names, but they are the ones that have the photos from show around the world. Absolutely divine. I don't even care if they aren't in English, the fashion speaks for itself.

#94 - Read every day
Sunday April 22/06 - The Other Bride by Lisa Bingham
Monday April 23/06 - Movie Guide from Q-RE
Tuesday April 24/06 - March issue of Cosmo
Wednesday April 25/06 - The Metro
Thursday April 26/06 - Eye, Now
Friday April 27/06 - The Metro
Saturday April 28/06 - April Issue of Marie Claire
Wow that is a pretty fluffy week of reading.

#92 - Learn/Discover something new every
Sunday April 22/06 - The are polar bear zoos, for polar bears that are repeat offenders of going into cities (thanks Vern for this info!)
Monday April 23/06 - I tend to either underestimate how long things take, or over estimate home much I can do in the course of an evening
Tuesday April 24/06 - There is a post office at Atrium on Bay (although I don't know *exactly* where it is - so I went to another one)
Wednesday April 25/06 - Keep an eye on the time during meetings, especially if they are at the end of the day!!
Thursday April 26/06 - With oodles of paint chips to choose from, it is still possible to be looking for a colour that isn't there
Friday April 27/06 - what was once the 'cheapie specail' at Cafe Diplimatico as chicken wings, fries & salad is now fish & chips and salad (they even use the same plate they used to for the fries)
Saturday April 28/06 - some days, you just aren't going to get anything off of your to do list, and that is just fine

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Film Fan Fridays for Friday April 28, 2006!

Hello Film Fans and Fanatics!!

Dragnet newsletter this week folks, just the facts.

Festival Watch:
Sprockets International Film Festival for Children continues until April 30, 2006

Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival runs April 28 - May 7, 2006

Have a great weekend!


Friday April 28, 2006 Releases

Akeelah and the Bee
Dir/Writer: Doug Atchison (The Pornographer, Ellen's Father)
Cast: Keke Palmer, Laurence Fishburne, Angela Bassett

The Devil and Daniel Johnston
Dir/Writer: Jeff Feuerzeig (Jon Hendricks: The Freddie Sessions)
Limited Release

Hard Candy
Dir: David Slade (Do Geese See God?)
Cast: Ellen Page, Patrick Wilson, Sandra Oh, Jennifer Holmes
USA / Canada
Limited Release

Dir/Writer: Claude Gagnon (Revival Blues, Kenny)
Cast: Matt Smiley, Tatsuya Fuji, Christopher Heyerdahl
Limited Release

The Limb Salesman
Dir: Anais Granofsky (On Their Knees, Have Mercy)
Cast: Peter Stebbings, Ingrid Veninger, Clark Johnson, Charles Officer
Limited Release

Dir: Barry Sonnenfeld (The Addams Family, Wild Wild West, Men in Black)
Cast: Robin Williams, Cheryl Hines, JoJo, Josh Hutcherson, Jeff Daniels

Stick It
Dir/Writer: Jessica Bendinger - directorial debut
Cast: Missy Peregrym, Jeff Bridges, Vanessa Lengies, Nikki SooHoo
Limited Release

United 93
Dir/Writer: Paul Greengrass (Bloody Sunday, The Bourne Supremacy)
Cast: Jamie Harding, J.J. Johnson, Trish Gates, Polly Adams

**please note this list of releases reflects first run film released in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on April 28, 2006**

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday: April Fool #4


LOL this is happy me jumping around in my new place!

* Sadly, the image accompanying this post has disappeared over the years.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Cool new thing - Unconscious Mutterings

I say ... and you think ... ?

Rising:: Star
Third:: Eye
Disruptive:: Behaviour
Surround:: Sound
Distant:: Future
Suction:: Cup
Fried:: Egg
Nuggets:: I never found out what nougout actually is. I meant to.
Clip:: a pip
San Antonio:: I feel like I should know where that is

Unconscious Mutterings

Sunday, April 23, 2006

101 in 1001 Weekly Update #7

Planning, planning, planning. That will be the name of the game for the next little while as I have accomplished #33 - Find a new apartment. This pic is of my the day I saw what will now be my new place and was about to jot down the floorplan as best to my memory. I remembered it pretty well, and was thrilled to get another chance to see it on Friday. I am so thrilled, and I am sure I will talk about it in a ridiculous amount of detail, so you've been forwarned. :) I also knocked off #15 - Analyze my spending and create a budget. Its something that right now is a bit more of a projection than a reality so I know I will have to revisit it now and again, but I have a different and what I think is a more realistic outlook on it so I'm looking forward to that. On the film end of things, which was a little lighter this week, I've seen another one of my 101 films I can't believe I haven't see, and wrote about it. Film in question is Xanadu. One of the funniest things that happened this week was I was absolutely adamant that I wanted to keep up with my reading every day but for various reasons the books I had in mind were not working so I threw the first book on my bookshelf I hadn't read and didn't care if it got wrecked, rained on, lunch leaked on, etc. I absolutely tore threw it and yes, it was, a Harlequin romance. lol.

And now for our regular updates:

#22 - Save a part of every paycheque - done!

#92 - Learn/Discover something new every
Sunday April 15/06 - Most people underjudge there monthly spending by $1,000 to $1,500 a month, regardless of there income
Monday April 16/06 - meme means : an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture. I thought it mean "Me! Me!" Thanks Jamie for clearing that up!
Tuesday April 17/06 - LRAD means Long Range Acoustic Device
Wednesday April 18/06 - I inspired a friend to create a blog!! I'm Haven :)
Thursday April 19/06 - I got my apartment!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Friday April 20/06 - In my new apartment, the bedroom does not have a door, hehe
Saturday April 21/06 - I can do my taxes in 1 hr, woot!

#94 - Read every day
Sunday April 15/06 - The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom by Suze Orman
Monday April 16/06 - The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom by Suze Orman
Tuesday April 17/06 - The Other Bride by Lisa Bingham
Wednesday April 18/06 - The Other Bride by Lisa Bingham
Thursday April 19/06 - Eye, Now
Friday April 20/06 - The Other Bride by Lisa Bingham
Saturday April 21/06 - The Other Bride by Lisa Bingham

Xanadu - part of #3 list of 101 films

Director: Robert Greenwald
Cast: Olivia Newton-John, Gene Kelly, Michael Beck
USA, 1980

Seen: April 14, 2006, thanks to Suzie for sending me the tape!

Reason to see: Its on my 101 films I can't believe I haven't seen. I wanted to include a musical, and a film that started with each letter of the alphabet on the list and there wasn't many choices for 'X'. I also know the song and it always struck a certain image for me, which made me curious to whether or not I had seen it. I thought it had to do with being on another world/reality and rollerskating.

Well, I still can't tell if I've actually seen this before but my oh my what to say about this film. It was entertaining at times, and felt nostalgic of the 80's. Early 80's, rollerskating and either just pre or on the cusp of aerobic clothing being stylish, not like John Hughes 80's nostalgic films. There was a certain charm and innocence to it, and it was great to see Gene Kelly dance. Its very of its time, which can be interesting to see how things have changed over the years.

Shannon's Overall View:
Some parts of the film were amusing
I don't believe I will be watching it again
If you like 80's musicals, its for you!

#15 - Analyze my spending and create a budget

I've always been a number cruncher. My first job ever was in retail and I've always been great with money. Other people's money that is. When dealing with my own it just seems to dissapear which is very confusing to me considering the 'being good with numbers' thing.

Reading the book "The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom" by Suze Orman has been extremely helpful in this. Its actually deals with you as a person and how and why and what you spend money on, not just like 'invest in things to make more money' which I found there was a lot of in personal finance books. I'm only 3 chapters/steps in but was thrilled with the last one as it directly related to this 101 task, woohoo! I have done this one, and will be keeping an eye on how it goes over time, with moving and all things will change so I'm gonna have to check in with it in a while to see how things are as time goes on.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

#33 - Find a new apartment


This sign can now be taken down cuz the apartment is MINE MINE MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am *so* excited. I found out a few days ago and went by yesterday to finalize everything and got to have another look around. After looking for what felt like forever and seeing apartment't that ranged from down right depressing to absolutely amazing (but not being the first person to see or get it), I finally found one that is just for me. I love this apartment, its absolutely perfect, and here is a picture to demonsrate:

This is me going from the kitchen to the deck (did I mention there is a DECK!), see the height of the door and how perfectly I fit? I'm sure it didn't work for everyone that has lived there but works for me, sometimes its good to be 4'9"! It's exactly what I was looking for. Above ground, check! Small 1 bedroom as oppose to batchlor, check! In a house, check! In a cool neighbourhood, check! After having another look when consisted of grinning like a mad woman, running around an looking at everything again and pseudo measurements it was time to celebrate, so me and my sister Jamie went to Cafe Diplimatico to discuss paint colours, room themes, furniture placement and plans. I am shocked that I am even considering a French Country washroom.

Most people call this 'The Dip' but I like 'Cafe Dipo' better. Anyhow, its somewhere I love going, and haven't been to for many years. And although what we called the 'student special' of wings, fries and salad for some really cheapy price is no longer on the menu, I still very much enjoyed the wings & fries. That red sauce is *very* hot, just like I remembered.. well .. after my first bite I remembered. :)

* Sadly, the image accompanying this post has disappeared over the years.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Rocket / Maurice Richard

Director: Charles Biname (Seraphin: Heart of Stone, Le Coeur au Poing)
Cast: Roy Dupuis, Julie LeBreton, Patrice Robitaille, Remy Girard
Canada, 2005
Languages: French, English

Seen: April 3, 2006 - sneak preview thanks to Jamie

Reason to see: sneak preview & Canadian film!

This is an excellent film, I enjoyed it from start to finish. Based on the life of French Canadian hockey player Maurice Richard this film about strength, determination and challenges. Did I mention its a drama? About hockey? With those two things going hand in hand then you know it must be Canadian, and it is. Roy Dupuis is absolutely phenomenal in the title role. I can't wait to see it again.

Shannon's Overall View:
I loved it
I will buy it
I highly reccommend it

Film Fan Fridays for Friday April 21, 2006!

Hello Film Fans and Fanatics!!

It thrills me to say this week we have a great Canadian film in wide release!! The Rocket, based on the life of hockey player Maurice Richard opens in multiple theatres all across the city! I am so excited not only because this does not happen often, but also because the film is excellent! I caught a sneak preview and I thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it. We also have 2 more Canadian releases this week with 3 Needles and Pure. Woohoo, go Canadian Film!!

Festival Watch:
Images Festival of Film & Video, Installation, Performance, New Media continues until April 22, 2006 in Toronto. Screenings range from pwyc (pay-what-you-can) to $15.

Sprockets International Film Festival for Children
Runs April 21-30, 2006

Have a great weekend!


Friday April 21, 2006 Releases

3 Needles
Dir: Thom Fitzgerald (The Wild Dogs, The Event, The Hanging Garden)
Cast: Lucy Liu, Chloe Sevigny, Stockard Channing, Olympia Dukakis
Limited Release

American Dreamz
Dir/Writer: Paul Weitz (About a Boy, Down to Earth, American Pie)
Cast: Hugh Grant, Dennis Quaid, Mandy Moore, Sam Golzari

Don't Come Knocking
Dir: Wim Wenders (Land of Plenty, Buena Vista Social Club)
Cast: Sam Shepard, Jessica Lange, Tim Roth, Sarah Polley
Limited Release

Kinky Boots
Dir: Julian Jarrold (Some Kind of Life, Fighting for Gemma)
Cast: Joel Edgerton, Chiwetel Ejiofor
Limited Release

Dir: Jim Donovan (Provocateur, New Gold Dream)
Cast: Laura Jordon, Robert Crooks, Romano Orzari, Giancarlo Caltabiano
Limited Release

The Rocket / Maurice Richard
Director: Charles Biname (Seraphin: Heart of Stone, Le Coeur au Poing)
Cast: Roy Dupuis, Julie LeBreton, Patrice Robitaille, Remy Girard
French, English

The Sentinel
Dir: Clark Johnson (S.W.A.T., Sleeper Cell - tv)
Cast: Michael Douglas, Keifer Sutherland, Eva Longoria

Silent Hill
Dir: Christophe Gans (Brotherhood of the Wolf, Crying Freedom)
Cast: Rahda Mitchell, Sean Bean, Laurie Holden, Jodelle Ferland

**please note this list of releases reflects first run film released in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on April 21, 2006**

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday: April Fool #3

Glasses: A retrospective...

For Self Portrait Tuesday with week I decided to look at some of my, well I wouldn't necessarily say foolish but .. well.. odd choices in glasses over the years.

Here is the first pair of 'funny' or 'crazy' glasses I picked. I was in art school at the time...


Then we move to a more 'serious' look :

For some reason I thought it would be 'funny' to have this pair as they looked like a combination or sunglasses and goggles. I thought them being clear would make them not be very noticable.. lol


And for the finale, my brand new pair, funky frames with sparklies, how can a girl go wrong:


Although I'm pretty content with the fact that I can and will make pretty bold choices with my frames, I believe the moral of the story is, don't pick out frame because you think they are 'funny'. :)

* Sadly, the images accompanying this post has disappeared over the years.

Un Chien Andalou - part of #3 - 101 films

Director: Luis Bunuel
Writer(s): Luis Bunuel, Salvador Dali
Cast: Simone Mareuil, Pierre Batcheff
France, 1929

Seen: April 12, 2006

Reason to see: I've wanted to see this ever since I've known that Dali was involved in creating a film. He is one of my favorite artists.

I have to say, that the infamous eye scene in this film - even though I was well aware of it, actually made me gag. I had a physical reaction to watching it, and it was rather unpleasent.
Other than that, very interesting film. I love surrealism. I love that it doesn't make sense. You can logic you out if you wish but the intent is not to make sense. Many of the images in this film I have seen in more contemporary works be it Twilight Zone: The Movie or a Radiohead video or even my own dreams. It was also kinda cool to see a silent movie, with very few subtitles, which make it very accessible in terms of not having a language barrier. Still feels very innovative, 75 years after it was made.

Shannon's Overall View:
I enjoyed most of it
Would I watch it again, but not the opening scene.
Would I recommend it, with caution

Monday, April 17, 2006

Music Meme

Found this idea from Jamie.

Instructions: Shuffle all the songs in your iPod, then use the resulting songs to answer the following questions, in the order in which they appeared.

Now, I don't have an iPod but and mp3 player which has 5 albums on it, those shown above along with My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - 13 Above the Night.

How does the world see you?
Doesn’t Remind Me of Anything - Audioslave
I like studying faces in parking lots, Cause it doesn’t remind me of anything
I like driving backwards in the fog, Cause it doesn’t remind me of anything

Will I have a happy life?
Electrical Soul Wish - My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult

Experience the door the to your mind, no matter how bizarre,
You create your own brave new world

What do my friends really think of me
Your time has come - Audioslave
I’ve been wandering sideways, I’ve stared straight the sun

Do people secretly lust after me?
Jump – Madonna

It sways and it swings and it bends til it makes you see
I can make it alone

How Can I Make Myself Happy?
Future Love - Madonna
Lets forget your life, forget your problems, administration, bills and loans
Put away your past it, will never last, you are holding on to a dream that’s gone
I’m going to tell you about love, would you like to try?
There’s no love like the future love

What Should I do With My Life?
Hung Up – Madonna – this song makes me want to dance
I’m tired of waiting on you
Time goes by so slowly,
My life can’t keep on waiting for you

Will I ever have children?
Simon Zealots/Poor Jerusalem – Jesus Christ Superstar Soundtrack
If you knew all that I knew my poor Jerusalem
You’d see the truth but you’d close your eyes

What is Some Good Advice for Me?
Dandelion – Audioslave
Little Dandelion, let your heart keep time
Now the clouds are gone, all your tomorrow shine

How Will I be remembered?
Bring Me to Life – Evanesance

I’ve been sleeping a thousand years it seems got to open my eyes to everything
Bring me to life

What is my signature dancing song?
Taking over Me – Evanesance

You don’t remember me but I remember you
I believe in you
I’ll give up everything just to find you

What do I think my current theme song is?
I love New York – Madonna

If you don’t like my attitude, then you can F off
Just go to Texas, isn’t that where they golf?
New York is not for little pussies that scream
If you can’t take the heat, then get off my street

What does everyone else think my current theme song is?
My Last Breath - Evanescence
All I wanted to say was that I love you and I’m not afraid

What song will play at my funeral?
Everything’s All Right – Jesus Christ Superstar Soundtrack
Try not to get worried
Try not to turn on to problems that upset you
Don’t you know that everything’s all right, yes, everything’s fine
And we want to you sleep well tonight
Let the world turn without you tonight
If we try we’ll get by so forget all about us tonight

What type of men do you like?
Yesterday Comes Tomorrow - Audioslave
Beauty is what the eyes behold
And you burn brighter than most

What is my day going to be like?
Damned for all Time/Blood Money – Jesus Christ Superstar Soundtrack
Cut the protesting forget the excuses,
We want information get up of the floor

Sunday, April 16, 2006

101 in 1001 Weekly Update #6

Some days you never know what will happen or who you will run into. On Friday while treking the town with my sister Jamie, going for lunch and then looking for apartments (#33 on my list - I saw a great place and feel really good about it so keep you fingers crossed for me) on the way home we ran into something I've never seen before - birds in the subway station. This little one was hopping about everywhere before eventually flying free of the station. What a sight.

One more that is completely off the list - #18 to fill out and send in drug coverage form, yay! #14 is continuing on its merry way as I've written film reviews for The Fog, Hustle & Flow, The Poseidan Adventure and Take the Lead.

And now for our regular updates:

#22 - Save a part of every paycheque - done!

#92 - Learn/Discover something new every
Sunday April 9/06 - hiding paper away from the cat makes sleeping less interrupted
Monday April 10/06 - work/confidential stuff
Tuesday April 11/06 - of 2 places in Toronto that offer drop in lifedrawing classes: Toronto School of Art and The Gladstone Hotel
Wednesday April 12/06 - that liebstockel means love stock
Thursday April 13/06 - more work confidental stuff - this was interesting stuff though!
Friday April 14/06 - Sometimes you just have to go with your gut
Saturday April 15/06 - that what I learned Wednesday isn't correct, liebstockel doesn't mean love stock!

#94 - Read every day
Sunday April 9/06 - March issue of Tribute magazine
Monday April 10/06 - The Probable Future
Tuesday April 11/06 - The Metro - I have to stop reading this, there is so little info in it I read it before I even got to Bloor Station (15min or so)
Wednesday April 12/06 - Never Coming to A Theatre Near You
Thursday April 13/06 - Eye, Now
Friday April 14/06 - Blog's & emails
Saturday April 15/06 - The Servant of the Empire

Saturday, April 15, 2006

#18 - Fill out & send in that form for drug coverage

YAY done.

I'm really hoping I don't get a 'you waited to long to respond letter' as I started this process in Aug 05, and was asked to send more info in Oct 05. I feel like the worlds biggest procrastinator sometimes, but I am so happy to have this one off my list!!

The Fog (2005)

Director: Rupert Wainwright (Wolf Lake , Stigmata, Blank Check)
Cast: Tom Welling, Selma Blair, Maggie Grace
Canada/USA, 2005

Seen: April 8, 2006

Reason to see: I liked the original 1980 John Carpenter version

I thought this version of The Fog was ok. I enjoyed the original more, as it had more tension for this kind of horror/thriller film. It was interesting to see both Tom Welling and Selma Blair in different roles than they normally play. There was some great use of colour which is probably the thing I liked most about the film. The story was a little shaky and I think it wrapped up kind of quickly. All in all I enjoyed the original version a lot better.

Shannon's Overall View:
I thought it was ok
I would most likely not watch it again
I would recommend it for a fun not to scary horror flick night

The Poseidon Adventure (1972)

Director: Ronald Neame (The Man Who Never Was, The Odessa File, Meteor)
Cast: Gene Hackman, Ernest Borgnine, Red Buttons, Shelley Winters
USA, 1972

Seen: April 4th, 2006 as well as some other time in the past 10 years.

Reason to see: Wanted to see before the revamp version comes out in May 06

I have a special place in my heart for almost any films in the ocean or on the sea. I have no idea why. Add to this the nostalgia of a classic 70's disaster movie and you have The Poseidon Adventure.

Although this was not the first time I've seen this film, it had been a while so it almost played out like a first viewing. Seeing Gene Hackman play a preacher is just, well, strange. It made me realize how now with film, religion seems to play less and less of a role unless that is the main focus of the film. I love seeing films of this time, and I wonder if the new version of this will keep the same characters with the same traits as again, they are not things we normally see in film now. I quite enjoyed it, mostly for the nostalgia but I do think its a good film overall.

Shannon's Overall View:
I enjoyed it
I have and would watched it again
I would recommend it

Hustle & Flow

Director: Craig Brewer (Resolutions of the Complacent Man, The Poor and Hungry)
Cast: Terrence Howard, Anthony Anderson, Taryn Manning, Taraji P. Henson, DJ Qualls
USA, 2005

Seen: April 9, 2006

Reason to see: 2 Academy Award Nominations, Terrence Howard for best actor & won for best song "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp"

Well, I am really surprized to say but I really enjoyed this film. My hesistation was that I didn't expect to get anything out of or relate to or be inspired by a story about a pimp. This film is much more than that. There is a message, there is a story, it is not one that is necessarily easy to watch but it is worth it. The performances are amazing, especially Terrence Howard. He pulls you in from the first scene and keeps you there. You believe him. You love him. You hate him. At times you want him to be nicer but he isn't, and he wouldn't be because that isn't the character. But it isn't just about him, all the characters are real and important and have a story to tell. I was absolutely floored. One of the best films of 2005.

Shannon's Overall View:
I enjoyed it
I would watch it again
I would highly recommend it, but not to the faint of heart. Definitely not PG in any respect.
Includes drugs, violence & gender issues.

Take the Lead

Director: Liz Friedlander - directorial film debut
Cast: Antonio Banderas, Alfre Woodard, Yaya DaCosta, Rob Brown, Dante Basco
USA, 2006

Seen: April 7, 2006 at the Beach Cinema with Jamie

I loved loved loved Take the Lead.

Reason to see: It's a dance movie!! +2 for being inspirational teacher flick

I absolutely loved this movie. There was a slight moment of worry, not in the film but before it when looking around the theatre lobby and seeing all these teen and preteen girls giggling like mad. I though "Oh no, they are all here to see the movie I'm going to!" but alas, there must have been something else that held there interest. Don't get me wrong I was just like them at that age, and there is nothing wrong with that!!

Then there was a delightly intro from a staff member about the film and the theatre that thankfully passed some of the waiting time and was much more enjoyable than watching commercials in the disguise of trivia.

Then, the movie itself. Ah, was good. I knew it would be as I just didn't believe you could go wrong with a dance movie about giving people a chance, having an inspirational teacher and a dance competition. Oh, did I mention Antonio Banderas was in it too? No? Well he is. Loved it loved it loved it.

The pic is a pic* of my ticket and the back of the seat in front of me :)

Shannon's Overall View:
I loved it!!!
I will buy it!
I would highly recommend it, especially to anyone who likes dance and/or inspirational movies

* Sadly, the image accompanying this post has disappeared over the years.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Film Fan Fridays for Friday April 14, 2006!

Hello Film Fans and Fanatics!!

Pretty racy releases for Easter weekend included The Notorious Bettie Page, Scary Movie 4 and Canadian release Whole New Thing. Critical acclaim and awards surrounded the film L'Enfant, which looks like it may be a little harsh but I still plan on seeing it. On the flip side to these, you don't need fret if you are looking for family fair, the animated The Wild rounds out the releases.

The week is the second time recently that there was been a limited release film, where the places showing it are all in the GTA but not downtown. Film in question is Larry The Cable Guy: Health Inspector. Very interesting trend I see here, gonna keep an eye on that.

...sneaky sneaky....
Sneak preview of Kinky Boots (directed by Julian Jarrold and starring Charlie Price, Chiwetel Ejiofor) this Saturday April 15, 2006 7pm at Canada Square and Bayview Village. The preview was pretty fun, had the feeling of The Full Monty but with boots.

Have a great weekend!


Festival Watch:
Images Festival of Film & Video, Installation, Performance, New Media runs from April 13-22, 2006 in Toronto. Screenings range from pwyc (pay-what-you-can) to $15. Click here for more info.

Friday April 14, 2006 Releases

L'Enfant / The Child
Dir: Jean-Pierre Dardenne and Luc Dardenne (Le Fils, Rosetta)
Cast: Jeremie Renier, Deborah Francois, Jeremie Segard
Limited Release

Friends with Money
Dir/Writer: Nicole Holofcener (Lovely & Amazing, Walking and Talking, Angry)
Cast: Jennifer Aniston, Frances McDormand, Catherine Keener, Joan Cusack

Larry The Cable Guy: Health Inspector
Dir: Trent Cooper (Coaching the Minors, The Comeback)
Cast: 'Larry the Cable Guy', David Koechner, Joanna Cassidy
Limited Release

The Notorious Bettie Page
Dir: Mary Harron (American Psycho, I Shot Andy Warhol)
Cast: Gretchen Mol, Lili Taylor, Chris Bauer, Sarah Paulson
Limited Release

Scary Movie 4
Dir: David Zucker (Scary Movie 3, Top Secret!, Airplane!)
Cast: Anna Faris, Craig Bierko, Anthony Anderson, Leslie Nielsen

Whole New Thing
Dir: Amnon Buchbinder (The Fishing Trip)
Cast: Aaron Webber, Danviel MacIvor, Rebecca Jenkins, Callum Keith Rennie
Limited Release

The Wild
Dir: Steve Williams - directorial debut
Voices: Kiefer Sutherland, Janeane Garofalo, Eddie Izzard, William Shatner

**please note list of releases reflects first run film released in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on April 14, 2006**

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Photo Friday: Organized


Submission for Photo Friday, Challenge: Organized.

I organize my movies by genre. These are just a smattering of the ones I have, most are boxed up but these are the 'essentials'. After many years of the standard alpha order I decided to break the rules and go by genre.

Top shelf:
Sci-Fi Fantasy (Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, X-Men)
Horror (The Crow, The Cell)
Oddball (Big Trouble in Little China, Rapid Fire, Tombraider, Hardball)
Historical/Epic (Gone with the Wind, Pearl Harbour)

Bottom Shelf:
Chick Flicks (Addicted to Love, Bridget Jones, The Craft, Gidget, Romy & Michelle, Tank Girl, etc)
Dance Movies (Centre Stage, Dance with Me, Save the Last Dance)
Musicals (Empire Records, Jesus Christ Superstar, West Side Story)

When I look at it now it looks like there is one shelf for guy movies and one for girl movies, lol. I'm not one for stereotypes like that, especially considering I amount of action/adventure films I watched as a kid. Who doesn't want to watch Full Metal Jacket on their birthday, I mean really? No wonder I don't watch war movies.

I have no idea why I still own Tombraider.

* Sadly, the image accompanying this post has disappeared over the years.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday: April Fool #2


Ah, another Self Portrait Tuesday with the challenge of April Fool. Thanks very much to my sister Jamie for sharing this pic of me with me. Many happy giggling memories, and interestingly enough I have no clue what this was about and can only guess when it was (between 2-6 years ago). I laugh. I laugh a lot. I had the giggles at work last week so much that at one point I couldn't answer the phone and let the machine pick up. Thank goodness they didn't request me calling back as I don't think I could have done it. I don't mind getting the giggles too much, unless I happen to be by myself somewhere and then someone walks in. Trying to think of an explaination to tell them only brings in *more* giggles. Most people don't mind, however sometimes cranky people who apparently have never experienced getting the giggles don't always appreciate it. Someone should go tickle them.

* Sadly, the image accompanying this post has disappeared over the years.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

101 in 1001 Weekly Update #5

Woohoo update time! Update means lists, and I like lists! This pic even though it doesn't really correspond to a particular task, I still really like it. I went to the Daily Express Cafe to kill some time this week, and I have not been there for years. I used to live just up the street from it and it was by morning pick up a coffee and maybe a morning glory muffin spot. They have, hands down, the *best* coffee in Toronto. I'm still on the mission to find a new apartment (#33) which is my current obsession. Saw another amazing place but it was offered to someone who viewed it first. I haven't heard if they accepted yet so I'm keeping my fingers crossed as I dream of paintchips and furniture placement.

Other highlights of the week are:

#50 - Go to the Bata Shoe Museum
Part of #20 Pay off my debt 1 down, 5 to go
Progress on #3 my 101 films I can't believe I haven't seen list by watching Bubba Ho-Tep and The Saddist Music in the World
Getting up to date with #7 writing about the films I've seen by including reviews of V for Vendetta and Beauty Shop

And now for our regular updates:

#22 - Save a part of every paycheque - done!

#92 - Learn/Discover something new every
Monday April 3/06 - A lot about Maurice Richard the hockey player.
Tuesday April 4/06 - My parameters for a new apartment might be a little to narrow.
Wednesday April 5/06 - I can look in a larger price range for an apartment.
Thursday April 6/06 - Hearing from friends out of the blue ROCKS & that I can wiggle my left ear.
Friday April 7/06 - How to set up a headset to a phone.
Saturday April 8/06 - Always check where the closest store is before heading out.

#94 - Read every day
Monday April 3/06 - Video Guide from N-O
Tuesday April 4/06 - Video Guide from O-P
Wednesday April 5/06 - Servant of the Empire
Thursday April 6/06 - Eye, Now
Friday April 7/06 - The Metro
Saturday April 8/06 - the subtitles in Bubba Ho-Tep and instructions in Variet Puzzles (I am aware of the lameness of that answer)

#50 - go to the Bata Shoe Museum

On Thursday I was kickin around town killing some time in between two things when I stopped to sit and write at the corner of Bloor & Huron. It was actually nice enough just to sit outside which is a nice change. Anyhow after being there for a bit I looked up and noticed the view of this: *

See that purple and green sign that says '10' with a shoe in it? That made me realize that The Bata Shoe Museum has been around for 10 years and I've never been there! Then I also realized it was Thurdsay, and on Thursdays its free between 5-8pm. I felt like a sign, so I went with it!!

Upon entering, I was greeted and asked some questions on how I knew about the museum and also informed that there was a Highland Dancing demonstration shortly. Cool! I proceeded to the third floor as recommended by the person at the door as that seems to be where their non permanent collections are. I was quite impressed with the variety of different shoes they had, as well and the interesting history behind them! I was floored by the innovative work of Beth Levine, who created such interesting time saver shoes like ones that would adhere to the bottom of your foot, or a shoe that had a stocking on it so you only need 1 item instead of 2. There was also the wonderfully crafted and whimsical work of Christian Louboutin, one shoe had a heel of a Guinness can. The third floor was definitely my favourite. How can you not like shoes like this? :

Some of the more surreal moments of my visit were:
- At one point I was in one of the smaller rooms and decided to take a picture of the shoes and wondered if anyone was looking and if this was ok. I really don't think anyone noticed or minded because all five of the other people in the room were doing the same thing! I wondered if anyone was actually LOOKING at the shoes, or just taking pictures.
- Eyes opened wide in disbelief looking at the staggering 22cm heels by Vivienne Westwood. - Seeing the actual shoes worn by famous people. It was cool but also kinda creepy, and holy moly Pierce Brosnan has some big feet.

* Sadly, the images accompanying this post has disappeared over the years.

Bubba Ho-Tep - part of #3 list of 101 films

Director: Don Coscarelli (Phantasm I through IV, Survival Quest)
Cast: Bruce Campbell, Ossie Davis, Ella Joyce, Bob Ivy
USA, 2002

Seen: April 8th thanks to Rogers Direct

Reason to see: I've wanted to see this ever since I saw the publicity shot for it in the 2002 Toronto International Film Festival. I had a ticket to see the Midnight Madness showing but alas, I realized I didn't really have a way to get home after it! Also, its on my list of 101 films I can't believe I haven't seen.

Unfortunatly I was dissapointed. Very early on there were comments that were, hmm, lets just say very "male oriented" that I did not appreciate and that turned me off the film. I also found them to be unnecessary to the film as well. Either it was thought that women would not be watching this or they just didn't care how the comments would come across.

That being said, there were some enjoyable moments in the film and when things actually started to happen it did work well. Its pretty off the wall and far fetched, but that was intentional and it works. I found there was also a sort of side commentary on sadness and loneliness but being around other people, as well as a 'what can you contribute' theme. Not heavy handed, and I'm not all sure if it was serious but I thought that was valueable.

I had hoped I would have enjoyed it more, but I left with it as my favorite part as being what I started with, being the poster. I wish I could share the image with you , but I can't seem to find it online in the format I am looking for.

Shannon's Overall View:
I wish I had liked it
I don't plan on watching it again
I would recommend it to people who don't mind sexist/crude sexual commentary or content who like offbeat horror films

Film Fan Friday's 2006 Archive

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Film Fan Friday for Friday April 7, 2006

Hello Film Fans and Fanatics!!

We have a very odd combination of films with week. Both Sophie Scholl: The Final Days and Brick has received critical acclaim, and Brick has also been at and an award winner of the Sundance Film Festival, although to me it feels like it falls into the category of giving away way too much in the preview. I feel like there should be a new type of 'limited release' as this week with Bloodrayne is playing in 5 theatres in the GTA but zero in Toronto. I am curious to see it but all the theatres are too far to get too.

Now, for me the real star film of this week is Take the Lead. I admit I am biased toward inspirational teacher films, but this is a double zinger as it is also a dance film. Dance films are in a category all to themselves. From Strictly Ballroom to Save the Last Dance to Center Stage I love them all. Ok there are some exceptions like the J.Lo/Richard Gere version of Shall We Dance should just not have been made, especially as the original Japanese version is one of the most touching dance films ever. So if you love dance films and love to dance I know you will check it out, and you should also check out this Invitation To Dance a Virtual Dance Party on May 1, 2006. I know it's already in my calendar!!!

Have a great weekend!


Festival Watch:
Cinefranco, A Celebration of International Francophone Cinema, continues until April 9th, Toronto

Images Festival, festival of Film & Video, Installation, Performance, New Media. April 13-22, 2006, Toronto

Friday April 7, 2006 Releases

The Benchwarmers
Dir: Dennis Dugan (National Security, Saving Silverman, Big Daddy)
Cast: Rob Schneider, David Spade, John Heder

Dir: Uwe Boll (Alone in the Dark, House of the Dead, Heart of America)
Cast: Kristanna Loken, Michael Madsen, Michelle Rodriguez, Ben Kingsley
Limited Release

Dir/Writer: Rian Johnson (Evil Demon Goofball from Hell!!!)
Cast: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Lukas Haas, Nora Zehetner, Noah Segan
Limited Release

Lucky Number Slevin
Dir: Paul McGuigan (Wicker Park, The Reckoning, Gangster No. 1)
Cast: Josh Hartnett, Morgan Freeman, Bruce Willis, Lucy Liu, Ben Kingsley

Phat Girlz
Dir: Nnegest Likke - directorial debut
Cast: Mo'Nique, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Kendra C. Johnson

Sophie Scholl: The Final Days
Dir: Marc Rothemund (Das Duo - Der Liebhaber, Harte Jungs)
Cast: Julia Jentsch, Robert Mohr, Fabian Hinrichs, Johanna Gastdorf
Limited Release

Take the Lead
Dir: Liz Friedlander - directorial film debut
Cast: Antonio Banderas, Alfre Woodard, Rob Brown, Ray Liotta

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Photo Friday - Metallic


This weeks Photo Friday theme is Metallic.
This pic is of the construction on the AGO.

* Sadly, the image accompanying this post has disappeared over the years.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday - April Fool #1


Okies, April's Self Portrait Tuesday topic is April Fool. Foolish pics? I have a zillion of them, especially of me laughing. Oh my. Yes there is more than one. Laughing til the tears start and the cuffs of my hooded sweatshirt are wiping them and possibly black eye make up away. Unfortunately a lot of the pics had unsuspecting bystanders in them so alas, I went with this classic pic from Halloween from a few years back. That explains the bat. At least I hope it was Halloween.

* Sadly, the image accompanying this post has disappeared over the years.

Film Reviews

Please note the following posts may contain spoiliers.

Those who are anti-spoiler types by nature please only proceed with caution

List post contains list of reviews written in 2006. For a complete and current film review list please go here.

2001: A Space Odyssey
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Abandoned, The
Abyss, The
African Queen, The
Beauty Shop
Bread and Tulips
Big Blue, The
Bon Cop, Bad Cop
Bridge on the River Kwai
Bubba Ho-Tep
Casino Royale
Changeling, The
Cheaper By The Dozen
Chorus, The / Les Choristes
Chungking Express / Chung Hing Sam Lam
City of Angels
Conversations With Other Women
Core, The
Tim Burton's Corpse Bride
Day the Earth Stood Still, The
Dear Frankie
Decline of the American Empire, The / Le Déclin de l'empire américain
Devil Wears Prada, The
District B13 / Banlieue B13
Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
Donnie Darko
Double Happiness
Exorcism of Emily Rose, The
Fire in the Sky
The Fog (2005)
Fountain, The
Frankenstein (1931)
Grosse Pointe Blank
Halloween 2
Haunting, The (1963)
Heavenly Creatures
Hustle & Flow
In America
In the Heat of the Night
Inconvenient Truth, An
Jesus Christ Superstar
Journals of Knud Rasmussen, The
Little Miss Sunshine
Maltese Falcon, The
Manufactured Landscapes
Metal: A Headbanger's Journey
Mystic Ball
Night Watch / Nochnoy Dozor
Night Listener, The
Once Were Warriors
Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior
Personal Velocity
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
The Poseidon Adventure (1972)
Proposition, The
Protector , The/ Tom yum goong
Ring, The
The Rocket / Maurice Richard
Roll Bounce
The Saddest Music in the World
Saint Ralph
The Scorpion King
Shall We Dance / Shall we dansu?
Shining, The
Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, The
Some Kind of Wonderful
Some Like it Hot
Star Wars
Step Up
Superman Returns
Sympathy for Mr. Vengence / Boksuneun naui geot
Take the Lead
Tank Girl
Three Times / Zui hao de shi guang
Un Chien Andalou
Underworld: Evolution
Unnatural & Accidental
V for Vendetta
Waiting for Guffman
Watcher in the Woods
X-Men: The Last Stand

The Saddist Music in the World - part of #3 101 Film list

Director: Guy Maddin (My Dad Is 100 Years Old, Dracula: Pages from a Virgin's Diary)
Cast: Mark McKinney, Isabella Rossellini, Maria de Medeiros, David Fox, Ross McMillan
Canada, 2006

Seen: April 2, 2006 thanks to TMN

Reason to see: Critically Acclaimed Canadian film and its on my 101 list of films I can't believe I haven't seen.

Ah, I know a film is Canadian when I've personally met someone in it (the amazing David Fox), and was enrolled in a class taught by the director. I am now of course kicking myself for not actually taking the class...

What a fascinating film. It was so visually engaging. Black and white, layered, texture, beautiful lighting, it was so rich with energy. I think the last film I saw that was this visually captivating was Moulin Rouge, and it reminded me a little bit of A Trip to the Moon. I could tell you the plot but some of it is just outrageous that I don't think I will. In some ways it doesn't feel like its about the plot at all but about the characters, but then the characters are who they are and do what they do because of the plot. It is very hard to describe as you are probably catching on to.
I loved it, it felt completely new, it felt tragic yet invigorating. Very bizarre. Good bizarre. Bizaare like things you never would have thought of ever before. An absolutely wonderful film.

Shannon's Overall View:
I loved it
I would buy it
I would highly recommend it

Beauty Shop

Director: Bille Woodruff - directorial film debut
Cast: Queen Latifah, Alicia Silverstone, Alfre Woodard, Djimon Hounsou

Seen: March 31, 2006 thanks to TMNonDemand

Reason to see: um, it was.. on :)

Happily surprized at this comedy. I admit I wasn't expecting much but I found it quite enjoyable and I laughed a lot. The cast is really what makes it, Queen Latifah is a total star and you can't really go wrong with Djimon Hounsou either. The scene stealer really is Kevin Bacon, he was over the top and absolutely fantastic.

Shannon's Overall View:
I thought it was fun
I would watch it again
I would recommend it

V for Vendetta

Director: James McTeigue - directorial debut
Cast: Natalie Portman, Hugo Weaving, Stephen Rea, Stephen Fry, John Hurt

Seen: March 25, 2006 at Paramount IMAX

Reason to see: Was invited to go! Also, its based on a comic, Natalie Portman with cool new haircut, all the hype, etc.

Interesting look at an alternative reality/possible future UK/World. Interesting story, strong characters and good acting. I did find it hard to connect with completely masked character, I found my mind wandering at times during some of the longer moments of dialogue there. There were a lot of human truths, beautiful and horrific. I think it was marketed a little 'action-y' but its very much more a drama.

The thing that has stuck with me the most is the idea of forcing your will on another for what you think will benefit them in the long run. Is this ever the right thing to do? How can you ever know? Is it worth it, even if you are right, to push someone else that far that you might just break them. I'm not convinced that is ever the right thing to do which is for me the thing that holds me back from whole heartedly enjoying the film.

Shannon's Overall View:
I thought it was good
I would watch it again
I would recommend it

Sunday, April 02, 2006

101 in 1001 Weekly Update #4

Well a little of this and a little of that done this week. One complete task to mark off is #86 - spelling challenge - done! Just took some dedicated time and knowing what the right spelling was to do it! I'm still working on #33 - Find a new apartment, and oh the joys. Got to see one that was not only in but lower than my price range. It was a nice layout and size, too bad the kitchen was completely gutted and in the process of installation due to water damage, there were a variety on interesting fragrances none of which I would like to 'live' in, all the wiring for all the lighting was in various states of exposure, and it was around the corner from a place that said "open from 2am-5am use side door". Well. Hmm. Maybe not. On a completely different note I did complete the March 06 part of #31 Read 1 fashion magazine a month, I read Vogue and oh my, a sea of beige, muted, neutral, thin, layered, feminine world of boringness is what was shown. Bleh! Give me some colour! Give me some sparkle, or at the very least some freaking awesome boots!

And now for our regular updates:

#22 - Save a part of every paycheque - done!

#92 - Learn/Discover something new every
Monday March 27/06 - confidential info, but I did learn something!
Tuesday March 28/06 - on April 21 there will be a clean up Toronto 20 minute makeover
Wednesday March 29/06 - again confidential thing
Thursday March 30/06 - saying "5 more minutes of sleep" always amounts to more than 5 min
Friday March 31/06 - I like cats eye shaped glasses
Saturday April 1/06 - when an apartment is listed and its a way-low price, there is usually a reason
Sunday April 2/06 - learned about financial fears & making new truths

#94 - Read every day
Monday March 27/06 - The Chronicles of Narnia
Tuesday March 28/06 - The Metro
Wednesday March 29/06 - The Servant of the Empire by Raymond E. Feist & Janny Wurts
Thursday March 30/06 - The Servant of the Empire
Friday March 31/06 - Eye, Now
Saturday April 1/06 - The Toronto Star
Sunday April 2/06 - The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom by Suze Orman

#86 - Be able to spell the following correctly without looking them up: eligible, sufficient, inconsistent, necessary, decision


Some of these words (an others) have been post-it noted to my computer screen wherever I may be working at the time. The funny thing is, until now I never thought to work on learning how to actually spell them. Not only that, for the first few days I was working on this I was spelling inconsistent wrong!! I used to spell necessary so oddly that spellcheck wouldn't even offer it in its little pop up of selections. Decision was the easiest one to remember once I figured out its like decide, but longer. Oh my the finds you find when you start looking at things with a purpose, its quite amazing.

Weekly Catch Up: Welcome March!

Whelp, we made it through February and all the SNOW, so I'm happy it is now March. I'm not fooling myself, I know March is still ...