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3 things you wish for (just for you):
that I had finished fashion school and/or will at some point finish
that my first job wasn't retail - boy did that spin off into a lot of jobs I neither liked, was well paid for, or generated a lot of useful skills
to have an entire wardrobe of clothes that fit, are functional, and flatter

3 things you would do to/for you if there was no one to judge you (or if you had the guts.)
not big on being judged by others, if they don't like it, they can stuff it

3 bad habits you have.
salty snacks
sleeping in/being late

3 insecurities you feel:
in general, that no one understands me
that people don't believe me
that messing with anything electronic will result in blowing something up, including myself

3 talents/skills you wish you had:
driving skills
practical skills
being able to make casual conversation

3 things you would do if you had more time:
go to the movies!
have everything organized

3 things you would do if you had enough money:
throw parties for people for all occasions
treat people for dinner out
finish school

3 things that bring you peace and relaxation:
purring or sleepying cat in lap

3 things that spark your creativity:
the questions my Mom asks me
idea's when I hear them for the first time
almost anything in the world, you just have to look for it.. look that dust bunny looks like a slipper! or an alien! or an elephant... I could go on all day


Arpan Rajani said…
hay your blog is very nice and very own.
keep it up
Shannon said…
Thanks Arpan!
Sacred Suzie said…
I love your answers Shannon. That's interesting about people not understanding you. That can be very alienating which must be frustrating. Personally, I love how you think. It's so refreshing, absolutely original and fantastic. You always make me see things in a different light and help me become a better person. I truly appreciate that Shannon. It's quite the gift.
Shannon said…
Awww!!! Thanks Suzie!!!

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