Sunday, March 05, 2006

Shannon's 101 in 1001

I found this idea on this site, and the original idea and links to many lists is here.

Well here we are! I have been working on this list for the past few weeks ever since I heard about this idea of setting 101 goals to accomplish in 1001 days. I had a lot of fun coming up with the list and there were quite a few things that didn't make the cut, and some that were added last minute. All in all I'm quite excited and can't wait to get started!

Start date is today, March 5, 2006
End date will be December 1, 2008

Tasks complete: 57/101

  1. Be a patron one year at The Toronto International Film Festival (September 07)
  2. Compile a list of all the films I've seen (May 13, 2007)
  3. Compile of list of 101 ‘I can’t believe I haven’t seen yet’ films to see & see those films (complete)
  4. Get a copy of 2005 issue of Film Review year in review (for films released in 2004)- not possible, out of print
  5. Go to a film festival outside Toronto
  6. Make a list of my favourite films, by genre (partial)
  7. See 1 film a week in the theatre for a year (52 weeks straight, not necessarily Jan - Dec) Complete: 2007 - The Films, The Experience
  8. See all the Canadian films released in one calendar year (ie all the films released in 2004, but not necessarily see them in 2004)(partial)
  9. See all the Oscar nominated films before the Oscar’s are presented (partial)
  10. See the next 5 movies recommended to me regardless of what I think of them
  11. Try something I think I hate and reassess (March 7, 2006)
  12. Wear a wig in public
  13. Wink at someone
  14. Write something about all the films I see (for the first time) throughout these 1001 days. (partial)
  15. Analyze my spending and create a budget (April 19, 2006)
  16. Attempt all the puzzles in a Variety Crossword puzzle book (partial)
  17. Figure out how RSP, RRSP and Insurance work and why people use them (partial)
  18. Fill out & send in the form for drug coverage (April 13, 2006)
  19. Find out what the practical applications of trigonometry are
  20. Pay off my debt (May 2008)
  21. Save a part of every paycheque (done!)
  22. Create pattern blocks for my figure
  23. Go to a fashion show
  24. Have a Make Up consultation
  25. Have everything I consider in 'the basic's' wardrobe.
  26. Have my sewing machine & serger out as well as a place to cut, draft and iron (July 2006)
  27. Have something tailored
  28. Learn to alter clothes to fit
  29. Learn to knit or relearn to crochet (Jan 20 & 27, 2007)
  30. Perfect the smoky eye look (November 25, 2006)
  31. Read 1 fashion magazine a month (in process). Revisioned: Find a new podcast a month (partial)
  32. Fall in Love
  33. Find a new apartment (April 20, 2006)
  34. Get a divorce (June 18, 2007)
  35. Get another tattoo
  36. Go on a date
  37. Have a red bedroom (May 2006)
  38. Keep a plant alive from ‘The Auction’ from one year to the next (Oct 2007 - Oct 2008 and beyond!)
  39. Learn something practical about house stuff (drywall, electric, I don't even know where to begin)
  40. Meet at least 1 online friend irl (Tae, Jarris & Rock, Melba, Jana and Firstborn)
  41. Own only things that are beautiful or useful, or both (partial)
  42. Tell someone a secret (May 2006)
  43. Tell someone they are beautiful
  44. Throw a housewarming party (July 22, 2006)
  45. Throw out the wedding photo's (June 17, 2006)
  46. Draw a self portrait (November 19, 2006)
  47. Go to an art gallery (September 2007)
  48. Go to Ffida (August 2006)
  49. Go to Summerworks
  50. Go to the Bata Shoe Museum (April 6, 2006)
  51. Take a lifedrawing class
  52. Crash an event
  53. Curl my toes in the sand (October 12, 2007)
  54. Drive or ride a motorcycle
  55. Go on a trip (October 2007)
  56. Go to a club
  57. Go to a concert (Oct 9, 2006)
  58. Go to a party (June 24, 2006)
  59. Go to a sporting event (Sept 22, 2006)
  60. Go to the Toronto Zoo
  61. Hold a baby
  62. Stay out all night and watch the sunrise
  63. Do a 'day in the life of me' set of pictures (Aug 1, 2006)
  64. Play NTN Trivia at Las Iguana's - not possible
  65. Drink 8 glasses of water a day for 1 week (July 5-11, 2006)
  66. Find, buy and try stevia (sugar substitute) (July 2006)
  67. Floss every day for a month & hopefully forever (October 2006)
  68. Bake a pie (April 8, 2007)
  69. Get 8hrs sleep a night for 1 week (July 11-18, 2006)
  70. Give blood
  71. Go swimming (July 2007)
  72. Go for a run
  73. Go to the eye doctor even though it isn't free anymore (March 21, 2006)
  74. Go to the Spa (July 2007)
  75. Go vegetarian for a month (August 2006)
  76. Go without caffeine for 1 week (Jan 2-8, 2007)
  77. Join a gym (Aug 8, 2006)
  78. Monitor my blood pressure for 3 months (March-June 06)
  79. Play a sport
  80. Take a martial arts class
  81. Treat my Mom to Red Lobster (May 14, 2006)
  82. Try 5 new foods (April->May, 2006)
  83. Try out 10 new restaurants (March 06 - May 07)
  84. Ask for what I want (Sept 6, 2006)
  85. Be on time for a month (Oct 27 - Nov 27, 2006)
  86. Be able to spell the following correctly without looking them up: eligible, sufficient, inconsistent, necessary, decision
  87. Do something before I feel ready (May 2006)
  88. For one day smile at everyone I see (LOL I had this twice!!) (Jan 13, 2007)
  89. Go 1 day without complaining about anything (December 28, 2006)
  90. Go 1 week without a daytimer or watch (Jan 1 - 7, 2007)
  91. Go into Holt Renfrew
  92. Learn/discover something new every day (done)
  93. Make a list of 20 books that I want to read and read them (5.5/20) (partial)
  94. Read every day (done)
  95. Stand up against something/someone being rude, racist or discriminatory
  96. Take someone up on an offer I would normally decline
  97. Take the subway end to end on both lines and time how long each stop is
  98. Teach someone something (March 2007)
  99. Cast a spell (February 2, 2007)
  100. Celebrate Ostara, Beltane, Midsummer, Lughnasadh, Mabon, Samhain, Yule & Imbolc at least once for the duration of the 1001 days
  101. Relearn the tarot

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Jamie said...
This is an awesome list! What's so cool is that it feels like you and it also feels like there's real stretches in there. I can't wait to follow your progress. I especially want to hear about what you learn every day :)Cheers to the beginning!
9:16 AM

Shannon said...
Thanks Jamie!!! I'll be sure and keep ya up to date :)
11:23 AM

Danette said...
I must confess...I am a regular here on Planet Shannon, quietly lurking about, checking out the terrain. I LOVE your list (and your planet). Jamie really put it well. I can't wait to make my own list...And, whenever you are ready to scratch 39 off that list, I'.m sure we'll have plenty for you to "learn" here at 110 Hiawatha.:)Though I am also game to join you at the museum, the spa, a new restaurant, and definatley to go around winking and smiling.
9:00 PM

Shannon said...
Danette!!!!!!!!!!!!I never would never have thought of you as a lurker! Thanks so much for your post & offer to join me in some of the adventures! (especially #39, I didn't think I would have any resources there but I guess I do) I'm smiling already! I can't wait to see your list!
11:28 AM

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