Self Portrait Tuesday - Time, Week 1

Well, its been an interesting week. I was really excited about March's theme for Self Portrait Tuesday begin time, and to take a images to represent time, and at least seven of them. Well lets just say that it wasn't the week for electronics as not only did I somehow delete all my pics from the first 2 days, I also changed the 'time' on my watch so that it was ahead by 2hrs, 20 min and somehow in military time. It took a few days to figure out how to change it.

So, here are some of the ways I spend my time:

I like to watch a lot of movies, The first image is of Serenity on my lil 13" Toshiba TV, its my current favorite bedtime story.

The second image is World of Warcraft (completely moved the camera too fast so its all crazy, but if you know the game you will recognize the icons on the tb ;) which I tend to, y'know.. here or there.. play .. on occasion.. (read: everyday, usually for hours)

Then, I had the strangest sense on time on Thursday, when I was home sick (see me sleeping? or pseudo sleeping?) and slept until 7:30 at night. Of course then I was up til - 2am but that part isn't unusual for me. That counts as Friday as its post midnight.. if you are tracking this .

Finally - woohoo its Saturday, I love Saturday as I try not to do much of anything so there is me.. not doing anything!

Sunday - Oscar's night!! One of the most treasured nights of the year, as is any night where there is the opportunity to get dressed up (Thanks for taking the pic Jamie!!)

And back we are again to Monday. Monday's have never been my favourite day, I tend to sleep in by accident. I used to even have a notebook that said "MONDAY'S SUCK" on it. And how have I been spending my Monday's you ask? I've been taking a Bookkeeping class - which although it has been interesting and insightful it really feels like it has sucked out all of my free time this year so far. It finished next Wednesday, and I can't wait!

* Sadly, the images accompanying this post has disappeared over the years.


Jamie said…
omg I love your pictures. I've said it before and I'll say it again - Nobody but Shannon could take a picture like that.

I love how everything is full of colour and movement. I especially love the WoW one - it lookes like sparkles.
Shannon said…
Thanks Jamie!!
I had a lot of fun picking out the pic's even though I was a little miffed I lost a bunch, but I just did it a different way.

I love the WoW one too, its so pretty and sparkly :)
Sacred Suzie said…
LOVE LOVE LOVE your photos! I was thinking the exact same thing as Jamie, that your photographs are totally you and I couldn't recreate anything like that if I tried. So original and unique, lovely and a tad unusual. I only WISH I could do that Shannon! It was wonderful to see your self-portrait image collage and text. You inspire me so much. And I miss you!
Shannon said…
Awww!!! Thanks Suzie!!!

The wierd things is, I've tried to take pics that are like.. in focus and.. in the right light... and .. well,... it never works! So I stopped trying, lol :)

I miss you too!!

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