Self Portrait Tuesday - Time #4


Time for Tuesdays Self Portrait Tuesday entry. Today is the four entry on the theme of time, and taking a picture every day. I realized I never explained that or the pictures before. I decided to take pictures before I go to sleep and/or when I wake up as it was the only thing I thought that I do every day & would have my camera near me for. I wake up with my alarm 6/7 days a week, Mon-Fri at various time for work, Sunday to watch Cornation Street (I still would like to find the person who agreed to its new timeslot of 7:30am-10. Oh, how I remember fondly the days of 10am-noon). Saturdays I sleep in. I love sleeping, well I like the am part of it, I often have a lot of trouble getting to sleep for years I had really bad insomnia however now I uaully don't have too much trouble. I do often sleep through my alarm though. I often wish I had more time to sleep but I like staying up late so these 2 things are often in conflict. Staying up usually wins out though :)

* Sadly, the images accompanying this post has disappeared over the years.


Sacred Suzie said…
I love the picture of you in bed Shannon, I know that look very well.

I think we're the queens of insomnia! Not that that's a good thing...

As always, love the pics and the writing Shannon.
Jamie said…
4:44 - ouch!

And I'm shaking my fists at those Coronation Street planners too. 7:30 on a Sunday - come on!
Shannon said…
yeah the 4:44 was a curious little cat causing trouble. Who was promptly booted to lands where my ears can't hear!!

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