Saved by the bell...

It is official, I am finished the bookkeeping course. Had my exam last night and I am thrilled. THRILLED. There was a lot of useful knowledge gained, and really ironed out the reasoning behind a lot of things I have actually done numerous times in the past but had no idea how or why they worked. I finally understand debits & credits, which people tried to explain to me before and I didn't get it - until now when the prof said they are a given. DUH! Logic not required, just memorization... a world of difference. I will say I am rusty at school I'll tell ya. I signed up on the day of the course back Jan and I had no idea how draining it would be to spend 2 nights a week in class with 3hrs (at least) of homework in between classes. I was not impressed. I wanted to really spend my time on other things but I am a sucker for getting a good mark so I really stuck it out. But the crazy thing is, I did not find it hard, it just took up so much time and believe you-me I won't take a class during Oscar season again! It also made me realize that most of the classes I have taken in the past and this one to, I just don't really feel on the same page. Clearly show above in my drawing, er attention seemed to wander at times. Either I find it way to easy, or I don't understand it at all. It would be so refreshing to find something that was 'just right'. I totally feel like the baby bear in Goldilocks. I want it 'just right' not to hot and not to cold. Is that to much to ask?


Sacred Suzie said…
Way to go Shannon!

You know what? I had ZERO idea that you were taking this course! I remember you talking about it but didn't know you signed up for it, let alone were in the midst of completing.

That's fantastic news Shannon. I know exactly what you mean, sometimes you really gotta just focus and take a class on something for it to really sink in. You're amazing, I'm so inspired.

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