Food Challenge

I have been tagged yet again by my sister on an exciting challenge, the 5 food challenges! When I started thinking about this it really felt like not tons of them were actually about food but more about habits so it will be interesting to see what path it ends up taking.

1. Try 5 new foods
2. Have (only) 4 cups of tea a day
3. Don't eat if I'm not hungry
4. Make what I would call pidag, but is actually piragi. Latvian bacon buns. Often traditionally made at Christmas or Easter these are one of the most wonderful things on the planet. I wouldn't mind trying to make Krenil (sp?) now that I think about it.
5. New idea for snacks. If I'm craving something....
Sweet - grab some fruit
Crunchy - try some cut veggies!
Savory - spicy is the key
Salty - small (I repeat small!) amount of nuts/seeds

I would love to only have food that is considered 'close to nature'. Organic is good yes, but fresh produce over packaged makes a difference too. One of the things I continually notice is anything that is 'lite' or 'light' or 'whatever-free' is just LOADED with chemicals. I would rather consume something that doesn't require and expiry date (other than your nose) than something that would outlast my possible future grandchildren. I would rather have the natural product, with its natural sweetness/fat/what-have-you than something chemical that would better be used to grease spark plugs. I am NOT a spark plug! Well, if I was going to be a type of machinery then maybe... hold it, I'm going off to a tangent again.....


Sacred Suzie said…
Wow, five new foods is a big deal. I'm so "safe" when it comes to food, I really am inspired by your list Shannon. I am currently working on my own...Hmmm...
Shannon said…
It wasn't an easy list to come up with I'll tell you! And you know what? I am gonna try for the 5 but I can't even think of a food I've heard of, and is accessable that I know of, that I haven't tried so its really gonna be a challenge!!! I am glad my post served as inspiration!!

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