Film Fan Fridays for Friday March 10, 2006

Hello Film Fans and Fanatics!!!

Well, it is sure a full week film wise! First we had the Oscar's on Sunday and I am happy to here that a lot of people enjoyed them. I myself wasn't overly impressed with almost anything, I am not a fan of the host, I didn't like the dresses (I swear one red dress would have made me happy in the sea of beige...), and peoples speeches got cut off way to often for my liking. I think for me the speeches are what I like the most, and there were some really touching ones including Larry McMurtry & Diana Ossana accepting for adapted screenplay for Brokeback Mountain, the guys from Wallace & Gromit, the guys from March of the Penguins, Philip Seymour Hoffman's speech and of course, Reese Witherspoon's speech was very touching. I would have to say that my favorite speech was the acceptance speech for best foreign language film. Some other memorable moments include the fabulous montage of western films, Jack Nicholson's reaction as he read Crash as the winner for best picture, Jennifer Garner saying she 'does her own stunts' after almost slipping, and my personal favourite was Dustin Hoffman saying 'Acting is so much easier than this'.

But don't put away your Awards party outfit yet!! In just 3 days we have the Genie Awards!
Celebrate Canadian film, this Monday March 13, 2006 9pm EST on CityTV, Bravo! and Star!.

I would highly recommend seeing Night Watch. Great movie, interesting story & characters and I just loved the art direction. I even loved, and I mean LOVED, how the subtitles where done. A more detailed/spoiler review will be posted on planetshannon in the near future.

Festival Watch:
The World of Comedy Film Festival runs March 8-12/06, in Toronto.

Have a great weekend!!


New Releases for Friday March 10, 2006

Beowulf and Grendel
Dir: Sturia Gunnarsson (Rare Birds, Such a Long Journey)
Cast: Gerard Butler, Sarah Polley, Stellan Skarsgard

Failure to Launch
Dir: Tom Dey (Showtime, Shangai Noon)
Cast: Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew McConaughey, Kathy Bates, Terry Bradshaw

The Hills Have Eyes
Dir: Alexandre Aja (High Tension, Furian, Over the Rainbow)
Cast: Kathleen Quinlan, Ted Levine, Aaron Stanford, Vinessa Shaw

The Libertine
Dir: Lawrence Dumore - directorial debut
Cast: Johnny Depp, Samantha Morton, John Malkovich, Paul Ritter

Dir: Pete Travis (Henvy VIII , Cold Feet )
Cast: Gerard McSorley, Michele Forbes, Brenda Fricker, Stuart Graham

Rhinoceros Eyes
Dir: Aaron Woodley (Bed and Breakfast, Downpour)
Cast: Michael Pitt, Paige Turco, Gale Harold, James Allodi

The Shaggy Dog
Dir: Brian Robbins (The Perfect Score, Hard Ball, Ready to Rumble)
Cast: Tim Allen, Kristin Davis, Zena Grey, Danny Glover

The Worlds Fastest Indian
Dir: Roger Donaldson (The Recruit, Thriteen Days, Dante's Peak)
Cast: Anthony Hopkins, Diane Ladd, Jessica Cauffiel, Saginaw Grant
New Zealand/UK

**please note list of releases reflects first run film released in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on March 10, 2006**


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