The Chronicles of Narnia, 1/20 of #93

I quite enjoyed reading this. Its on my list of books to read, and I picked it first as I was already reading it and it felt pretty non intimidated as I've already read it, and its really a kids book. Now that being said, its feels a little oh-so embarrasing that it took me 2-3 weeks to read. But I can handle that!! The character's are great and I really enjoyed the story which was fresh in my mind as I saw the film a few months ago. I did find that at a certain point I started to like it a little less when the religious overtones came into light and I remember when I read this as a kid I was not happy when I realized this either - I felt as if I had been tricked. This time I tried to tell myself not to think of it as religious and just enjoy it but it was tough to not see it in that light. Other than that, I enjoyed it and loved that it was told in a way as if someone was reading it to you, when the author would refer to you, the reader, and what you might be thinking at that moment. That totally hooked me! I was like Yes! I was thinking that!!! What can I say, I love the participation factor. I loved how much the animals and creatures were involved and them working together with the humans, side by side. Yep, that got me. Totally.


Sacred Suzie said…
Oh yay! I wanted to read it too but wasn't sure I would like it but the way you described the animals working with people, I would totally love that. When I saw the movie I thought it was funny about the religious symbolism because in my mind, it's magick that created the miracle. I saw that more strongly than any Christian sentiment, LOL, but that's just me.

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