Announcing: Countdown to 101 in 1001

Recently I've come across and monumental idea of completing 101 tasks in 1001 days. Usually if I'm prompted to come up with a list of anything past 10 things I'm like "Oh, man, I dunno...." but my initial list for this was 150+ things!!! How very exciting!!! I will be posting my list on Sunday March 5/06 with an anticipated end date to the tasks of Dec 1/08. My sister Jamie will be posting on the same day with her list. If you would like, I think it would but just spectacular if more join in the same time frame and we can all support one another though this journey. I initially stumbled across the idea from this blogger's site while looking for film blogs, and the original idea/poster seems to have come from here which is a great resourse if you are looking for ideas. I am totally excited about the idea and I can't wait to post my list, who's with me? :)


Sacred Suzie said…
Wow, that's a lot of things! Now, do you have to choose them ahead of time so you can check them off or do you just list the things as you do them? How does this work? I would love to know, since I am interested in trying this Shannon.
Shannon said…
You make a list before you start of 101 tasks that are measureable (ie you will know when they are done) and then set a date to start and off you go for 1001 days. If you check the linky to the person who started it there is a better 'how to' write up plus links to lots of people working on it which is great for getting inspired!

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