#92 & #94 for March 5th and 6th.... and 7th!!! and 8th!

Of course now that I said I would do these two things 'every day', I feel compelled to share.

#92 - learn/discover something new every day
Sunday March 5/06 - I learned I would much rather hear acceptance speeches at the Oscar's than... music cutting in.. commercials... the host or presentors. Take your pick.
Monday March 6/06 - I learned I am very rusty at crosswords! Out of 4 or so questions I only got 4, and most were fill in the blanks. One was "Tour __ Force" and I'm not even sure if it was de or du... sigh. I also learned that 'The Worksheet' is not a part of the Accounting cycle, but is a tool that you use to help generate financial statements, and can help reduce errors.
Tuesday March 7/06 - I discovered it IS possible to go by the sweets aisle in the grocery store without buying anything! Although I did look really hard at these apple caramel filled things that were disgused in the form of 'mini-muffins'. HA! I will not be fooled!!
Wednesday March 8/06- discovered that I really like listening to CKLN in the AM over the other stations (which I won't mention as would rather promote happy stuff than diss stuff), was a great to start the day hearing inspirational stories for International Women's day as oppose to mostly commercials and offensive commentary.

#94 - read every day
Sun March 5/06 - I read the Weekend edition of Dose.
Monday March 6/06 - I read the daily issue of the Metro & pamphelt for K-Phos Neutral, which I know I read before but I was really bored in class so I thought I would give it a whirl.
Tuesday March 7/06 - I read the daily edition of Dose.
Wednesday March 8/06 - I read the daily edition of Dose. Ok yes this is getting repetative but it was a pretty good issue, had a lot of interesting stuff regarding International Women's day and my fave piece was by d'bi.young an amazing dub poet and a truely inspiring woman. Unfortunalety I couldn't find it on the Dose site and I already recycled the paper.


Jamie said…
Man, this is totally making me wish I'd picked an everyday thing! I love seeing what you're reading and learning!
Shannon said…
hehe you can always make an everyday thing!!! :)

Thanks!! I find the reading easier to make sure I do than the learning , which I didn't expect at all!

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