#83 - 1/10th complete, Try 10 New Resturants

I've done 1 of 10 of #83 try 10 new restaurants, as I went to the Elephant and Castle this Friday. Pretty nice place, a little price for pub grub but it was nicer than a normal put. I was tempted to included what I had there as one of the try 5 new foods but it didn't included any foods I never had before. It was Stuffed Yorkshire Pudding - yorkshire pudding on top of mashed potatoes with roast beef and gravy, green beans on the side. Wowza. Great description, but I thought it would have been a little better. I am very picky on yorkshire pud's and gravy cuz well, I really like the kind I make! But, nice atmosphere & good company and pints all around so would have to say thumbs up.


Sacred Suzie said…
Shannon, you totally gotta share that Yorkshire pudding recipe you make. I can't find a good one and I love yours!

Way to go on trying something different at a new place.
Shannon said…
Heya NatureGirl! I sure will share it, for many years I had 2 and couldn't figure out which was the 'right' one but I think I know now, I will definately get that one to ya when I can!
Jamie said…
No wonder you're fussy on the puds, you make them so well! hehe.

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