#73 Go to the eye doctor even though it isn't free anymore!

Woohoo one more thing crossed off my list!! After all the brouhaha about worrying about going, I found out it isn't outrageously expensive ($65), I got an appointment for the same day I called, and I didn't actually didn't have to pay because my right eye has a 'slight turn', talk about exciting! Well that was my first reaction, and then of course a few hours later I was like hmmm... I wonder if that is like, really bad or something. Amazing how things like that it doesn't all settle in right away. The doc wasn't overly concerned and hopefully once I get some snazzy new glasses and contacts everything will become clear.


Jamie said…
I love this picture. I want to pull out a baby picture closeup of you and see if you've changed!
Shannon said…
LOL that is so funny cuz I looking at this I would have to say probably not which is soooooooo wierd!! No wonder people can recognize me even if I haven't seen them for YEARS!!!
Sacred Suzie said…
I also adore the photo Shannon and am so impressed that you went to the eye doctor. You're just burning through that list, you must feel like you're accomplishing so much. And you are!

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