101 in 1001 Weekly Update #1!

One of my co-workers this week said she is going to start calling me 'the List Lady', which made me laugh and smile. I love lists, which I am sure is no surprize as here we are one week after the big list 101 in 1001 was released! I am happy to say that I have completed 1 of the 101 tasks (#11) and made steps towards a few others including: buying the March issue of Vogue for #31 and Variety Crossword Puzzles for #16. I am also working on my list of books to read (#93) and my list of 101 films I can't believe I've seen (#3 - pictured above). The film list was more challenging than I though, I had way more than 101 but then had a hard time deciding if films I've never even heard of should be on that list. I would think no, but then when I come across something that makes me go O.M.GGG!!!!!!!!! then I'm like.. hmmm.. maybe I should included it. Hopefully I will decide soon!

Regular Updates:

#22 - Save a part of every paycheque - done!

#92 - Learn/Discover something new every day
Thursday March 9/06 - people think its odd that I can continue typing while I listen to and/or answer a question
Friday March 10/06 - if I leave and arrive somewhere early, I do not stress about being late
Saturday March 11/06 - Toronto has 2 fashion weeks, one beginning next week and another in the fall
Sunday March 12/06 - Rogers offers renting DVD via direct mail. Very tempting.....

#94 - Read every day
Thursday March 9/06 - Eye, Now, movie guide from MA-ME
Friday March 10/06 - The Metro, movie guide from ME-NI
Saturday March 11/06 - The Toronto Star
Sunday March 12/06 - Basic Bookkeeping 5th Edition by Brooke C.W. Barker


Jamie said…
Holy cow! You are really motoring along. I'm absolutely loving following along with your learnings! WTG!
Shannon said…
Thanks Jamie!

I've been really surprized that often what I've learned ends up being more of an insight as opposed to something practical or 'hard information'. Also, often it isn't linked to what I read! LOL!
Sacred Suzie said…
You are so organized Shannon! I love how you're doing your list updates, very easy to follow and fascinating. Way to go!
Shannon said…
Thanks Suzie!!!

Believe you-me there was a lot of hmmming and hawing over how to format the updates and such. OMG I just feel like sometimes I spend most of my time posting time formatting!! But I like it to be just the way I want it so its worth it :)

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