What makes you want to see a film?

I often wonder to myself: what determinds if I'm interested in seeing a film?

There are a lot of things that can contribute to it, seeing a preview of course, the previous works of the people involved, a recommendation from a friend or maybe even a print ad. Oh, and theme of course... I'll pretty much go see anything scifi/fantasy/epic.. but that goes without saying no?

I get stuck on reviews, previews and even discussing films at all as I hate spoilers. HATE them. And so often people will start off a sentence saying "This won't tell you anything..." or "This isn't that important...." And I look for a handy dandy visual representation of a stop sign. Don't tell me! Please do not tell me!! You think that doesn't give away anything? Really? Oh.. well now I know he loses his job after diagnosed with something really bad but does pull through in the end due to the sacrifice made by the best friend - which wasn't revealed until the very end of course. Sure sure.. laugh away... but it happens! In some ways I can't help it, I try and pretend my mind isn't working overtime to analyze everything I've seen and heard about the film but .. it just... has a mind of its own! I can't control it! I do also realize that not everyone is as insane about this as I am.

Well, now that is the kicker - how do you write a review without giving away something about the film? I've thought about writing them but wonder, is it even possible? I remember sitting in Paramount waiting so see the 12th or so film at the Toronto International Film Festival last year and there was a couple near me that were discussing the films they had seen. Something along the lines of "Oh, there was a boy and he was unhappy and he got a dog but missed him when he went away to school and the family had a BBQ...." and I was like WHAT are you talking about?? Here you are seeing some amazing films and you are talking about the stinkin' plot? About a kid and his dog? I almost fell off my chair. I mean, the plot is important and all but is that the only thing you walk away with?? What was the mood? What was the message? What was the theme? How did you feel? Was there an amazing use of colour or sound? What was the experience of seeing the film? Were you close to the front? back? What was the theatre like? Did you see it with someone? Did you have similiar or conflicting reactions? Were you bored? excited? confused? pfft. Plots. Some of my favorite movies I'm not even sure if there was a plot. Then again there are plot based films and non plot based films.

All in all I think I'm drawn to films that spark my curiousity. What is that about? Who is doing that? Where was it filmed? Do people like it,.. do I have same taste as them?

That being said if I do write about a film (in a non-Film Fan Friday's post) I will most likely be discussing details that would be considered spoilers. So I guess this is my spoiler alert for any like minded souls out there.


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