Self Portrait Tuesday – All of Me

First post for Self Portrait Tuesday, February challenge is to embrace all of yourself.


Last winter I was talking with my sister’s in the kitchen over tea and we were discussing who the side of ourselves that we don’t often share with people. The kicker is: you yourself don’t say what this is, you just accept the title given. And yes, my title was:

Care Bear

I was like NO WAY! I’m rough & tumble. I’m crazy! I’m tough as nails. I’ll take you all on! I wear big stompin’ boots & heavy black make up. I’ve shaved my head. I growl at people that make me mad! All that is true .. but…. This is as well…

This is a picture of me, icing a cake at my sister’s after taking care of her after her surgery last fall. I was laughing so hard that of course the picture is blurred. There are many pictures where it’s blurred because I’m laughing or talking or gesturing or talking directly to the person taking the picture about what they are doing. I’m in that moment, whatever it is. I forget to spot and pose, and I will again. And lets take a closer look there.. yes, that is me icing a cake. I like to make cakes & cupcakes, especially for people on their birthdays. I like to take care of people. I bring home treats for no reason other than that they are treats. I like to share. I like to help, I think helping is fun. I hope everyone has a nice day. I smile. I bump into things and then I giggle. A lot. So much so that I get tears in my eyes. I’m even sometimes giddy.

And the oddest thing about this is everyone seems to know all this, but .. me.

* Sadly the image accompanying this post has disappeared over the years

‘til now.


Jamie said…
I love this post, Care Bear!

I have definitely had the pleasure of seeing both sides of you: the "I take no prisoners, don't talk to me, don't you see I'm wearing dark sunglasses" you and the "do you want a cup of tea, let me help, cupcake-baking" you complete with out-of-control giggles. And I absolutely love them both!

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