Self Portrait Tuesday - All of Me 2


These are my well loved pair of 10-hole Provider's. I have had them for well, longer than my cat whom I got in '99 so were are talking 7 years or more. I love boots. I particularly love these boots as they have kept my feet warm and dry for most of those 7+ years. When I was taking this picture and I noticed how nice and shiny black they are (mostly) and also, how worn down the heel's are and how scuffed the toes are. Then to my horror I noticed that the sole of one of them is almost about to come right off.

I literally am wearing them into the ground. Sure I waterproof my boots. Once a year. I don't shine them like... ever. Maybe for a special occasion. Would I even know how to get something like this repaired? Not a clue. Will I stop wearing them? Nope. I will wear them until that heel comes right off and end up walking home with one side being a good inch taller than the other.

I do this with my footwear, my clothes and also with myself. I wear my clothes completely through. I actually had a homeless guy laugh at the state my jeans were in one day. I stay up too late, I drink to much caffiene, I don't dress warm enough, my salt intake is too high, I really like chocolate, I always have salad with dressing and I always order fries if its an option. I also overfill my schedule, often having 2 jobs, and sometimes even 3. At one point I was working full time, had a part time job and was registered as a full time student. During festivals I try and pack in seeing as much as possible, so I don't 'miss' anything. But I do 'miss' stuff, I miss out on feeling rested or feeling well balanced, cuz I'm busy doing other stuff or on the way to something else or spend time about worried about not having enough time. .. which is ironically, a real waste of my time.

* Sadly the image accompanying this post has POOFED over the years


Jamie said…
Boots are so you! I can see a long line of boots at any doorway you or we have lived at :) And I can see the boot paintings you've done. I think I see a series happening!
Sacred Suzie said…
This is a very interesting analogy Shannon. You are you until time disintergrates into itself. I love the photograph and your words were wonderful to read.

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