The Scorpion King

Director: Chuck Russell (Eraser, Nightmare on Elm Street 3)
Cast: The Rock, Steven Brand, Kelly Hu, Michael Clarke Duncan
USA/Germany, 2002

Seen: Early July 2002 at the Kingsway (Rep) Theatre on a Sunday afternoon
Reason to see: no idea

Thoughts: Much better than I was expecting, very fun, great action and no crappy gender stuff.

After being impressed with this I went and watched The Mummy, and The Mummy Returns. I found that The Scorpion King was the best of the three by leaps and bounds.

Shannon's Overall View:
I quite enjoyed it
If I don't already own this movie, I will buy it
I would recommend it as a fun action/adventure movie


Jamie said…
This one really surprised me when we went to see it. I think we saw it at a rep theatre because it was showing at a good time and it looked like fun. And it was!
Shannon said…
I know! What a happy surprize it was! I'm pretty sure it was at the Kingsway... or was that the Star Trek one I fell asleep in during the fight with the Klingons.... so many movies...

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