I've been tagged!

I'm not entirely sure what this means, but I've been tagged by my sister, and looks like a fun questionnaire thingy (LOVE questionnaires) so I am more than happy to answer!! It was very interesting to go through this as there are some catagories that I could write about til the cows come home and then some where I was staring & chairing for a while (vacations? you mean people take vacations???).

Four Jobs I've Held
Deposit Centre Co-ordinator
Dicta-typist (lasted 2 days, lol)
General Manager & Artist in Residence of a theatre company

Four Movies I'd Watch Over and Over (oh my this could be a lot more than four...)
The Running Man (for which I am still teased about to this day)
Harry Potter & the Philosopher's Stone
Star Wars

Four Places I've Lived (all Toronto)
The Annex
College West
Queen West

Four TV Shows I've Watched
Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel
Star Trek (all by Enterprise)
Cornation Street
Project Runway

Four Places I've Vacationed
One of the Disney's when I was young but all I remember is that now I don't like mirrors
Cedar Point
Quebec City on a trip in Grade 8
Mexico - I actually can't remember where, it was a resort

Four of my Favourite Dishes
My sister's Lasagne
Turkey with mashed potatoes at holiday dinners
'The Breakfast' at KOS
French onion soup

Four Sites I visit daily
My Sister’s Blog - Starshyne Productions
My Sister’s Blog - Spooky Suzie

Four Places I Would Rather Be
At the movies
A place where homework didn't exist!
Somewhere with clear warm water to swim in and no animals that bite
Planet Shannon!


Sacred Suzie said…
Awesome stuff Shannon, I love your answers and boy, you've lived in a lot of different areas of Toronto! The blog looks awesome, way to go Shannon.
~ Suzie (Spooky)
Jamie said…
I totally enjoyed reading your lists! It's amazing how reading your favourite meals actually took me to certain memories - all good! (Except when I made crunchy lasagne) And I'm thrilled my cooking made the list!

I think you should get a bumper-sticker equivalent that says "I'd rather be at the movies"!
Shannon said…
Thanks Sista's for your comments! :)

I have lived lots of places in TO, and I kinda had to answer that one that way as I haven't really lived anywhere else, lol.

Crunchy lasagne was still the win Jamie!! And I love the bumper sticker idea. I'm almost tempted to print that up and put it in my cube at work heheeheh.

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