The Fin in Fashinilmamends

The Fin stands for Finance, one of the things I am focusing on at the moment. I'm currently taking a Bookkeeping class, which feels slightly bizarre to me considering that I have always had and affinity for working with numbers and money. I'm always the one who gets to figure out the bill at the end of the night, I calulate tax in my head before I get to the register at a store, my personal budget records are shall we say, ... very detailed. The only jobs I can think of where it didn't involve math or numbers of some kind I only did for 3 weeks or less. Most of the jobs I've held were very focused on the figures, from selling balloons to manually calculating payroll deductions.

So, its kinda funny after all this to now be taking this class. And even more funny is that a lot of it is really dry and really simple. But then sometimes, I'm like..... what does he mean? I don't get it!! That makes no sense! Then a while later its like ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ok.. I can see it that way now. Its kinda cool that it really makes all the numbers fall into place, which is honestly one of the things I love about math is.. it makes sense... there is an answer. In most cases, only 1 answer. And you can prove it. And there is a method to prove it. It's just like a jigsaw puzzle and that is what appeals to me because I think of it like a game. You need to find that missing piece and solve the puzzle!!

Of course, that isn't what I say in an interview. Well, I did once.. and they still hired me!


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