Film Fan Fridays for Friday February 17, 2006

Hello Film Fans and Fanatics!!

Lots of releases this week, including three count 'em three documentaries! I am oddly surprized to find myself most drawn to the Disney film Eight Below about a team of dogs in Antarctica. The preview really got me and it was nice to see animals in a film that aren't CGI'd to bits and talking and doing goofy things. I unfortunately haven't gotten to cross off many of my 'too see Oscar' films, but did sneak out to see Underworld Evolution and I was sadly disappointed. If you want just an action flick, it could be considered ok but I thought from the first one there was a lot more potential story wise as well as stylistically.

I'm currently working on compiling a list of all the films I've ever seen and I'll tell you its quite the task! I think it all started years ago when I bought the Film Review Year Book for, I believe, 2000 which included every film reviewed and rated out of 5. The funny thing is, its a British mag so the release dates are not in sync with ones I'm used to but in a way that is fun .. you get a preview to British stuff that will be coming out, a very good overview of foreign film and very different viewpoint of Hollywood film. The 2006 edition came out this week and I'll tell ya, I had fun sitting down with a cuppa tea, highlighting everything I've seen and planning out what I still want to see. I can't wait to get the back issue from last year that I missed!

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New Releases for Friday February 17, 2006

Date Movie
Dir: Jason Friedberg, Aaron Seltzer - directorial debuts
Cast: Alyson Hannigan, Adam Campbell, Jennifer Coolidge, Eddie Griffin

Eight Below
Dir: Frank Marshall (Congo, Alive, Arachnophobia)
Cast: Paul Walker, Bruce Greenwood, Jason Biggs

Dir: Joe Roth (America's Sweetheards, Coupe de Ville)
Cast: Julianne Moore, Samuel L. Jackson, Edie Falco, Ron Eldard

A Good Woman
Dir: Mike Barker (To Kill a King, Best Laid Plans, The James Gang)
Cast: Helen Hunt, Scarlett Johansson, Stephen Campbell Moore, Tom Wilkinson Spain/Italy/UK/Luxembourg/USA
Italian & English
Limited Release

Solntse / The Sun
Dir: Alexander Sokurov (Russian Ark, Father and Son, Diary of St. Petersburg)
Cast: Issey Ogata, Robert Dawson, Kaori Momoi, Shiro Sano
Limited Release

Through the Fire
Dir: Jonathan Hock - directorial debut
Documentary on basketball player Sebastian Telfair
Limited Release

Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story
Dir: Michael Winterbottom (9 Songs, 24 Hour Party People, Wonderland)
Cast: Steve Coogan, Rob Brydon, Keeley Hawes, Shirley Henderson, Jeremy Northam
Limited Release

What the Bleep!? - Down the Rabbit Hole
Dir/Writer: Willian Arntz, Betsy Chasse, Mark Vincente
Limited Release

Why We Fight
Dir: Eugene Jarecki (The Trials of Henry Kissinger, The Opponent)
Limited Release

**please note list of releases reflects first run film released in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on February 17, 2006**


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