Welcome to Planet Shannon

Welcome to Planet Shannon, where everything is within reach!

I have often noticed that I may, perchance, have a different view of the world. Often my family joked that I was left on the doorstep and they suspected I was from Mars. Initially I denied this of course but now I think that there might have been something to it, however Mars is far too warm for my comfort so I believe it must have been another planet, and what better name for my homeworld than Planet Shannon! Its an ideal place where you can always reach what you need (my house for example, wouldn't have shelves that require climbing on the counter to get to), nothing ever will shrink in the dryer, you never forget your lunch, your cats sleep at the same time you do and there is lots and lots of tea.

I will be exploring my focuses through this blog, which at the moment are: film, fashion finance, fun, family & friends! Amazing they all begin with the letter F! I guess at the moment I am exploring the continent where all things begin with F, shall we name the continent? How about Fashinilmamends! Sounds good to me!

Destination: Fashinilmamends ahead!


Sacred Suzie said…
I love your blog Shannon! Martians rule! LOL, just kidding, you're my blood sister through-and-through Shannon. Congrats on starting your blog!
Jamie said…
What an awesome culture here at Planet Shannon! Cats sleep while you do? Sign me up!

Hey, if I visit a lot, do I get frequent flyer miles?
Shannon said…
Thanks for your messages!!! I'm glad you enjoy my blog, and yes we have something similar to frequent flyer miles, but they come in the form of chocolate!!
Jamie said…
Chocolate! YAY!
Jamie said…
Does this mean I should spam you for chocolate?
Shannon said…
LOL, you go right ahead!

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