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Update 1: Booktube SFF Reading 2018

We are now one week into my BooktubeSFF Reading Plan for 2018. Let's look at how I did...

My plan for last week was to:
Start 2 titles for the March ReadalongsRead 1 of the prereq booksFinish off any other science fiction and fantasy books I'm readingDecide on if I want to buy The Bear and the Nightingale on Kindle or as a physical book

I did finish off a current science fiction read: The Accidental Time Machine by Joe Halderman. It was a fun, fast-pace SF book about a graduate student who uses a time machine to go to the future, and the adventures (and challenges) that come along with it. I quite enjoyed it, and it was really nice to read something that wasn't a part of a series. Now, I feel like I can kind of check off this task, but I ended up also starting (but not finishing) Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones, a kid's fantasy novel that's been made into a film. I'm quite enjoying this one too, but am surprized it's taking me over a week…

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